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New RAV4 Hybrid

The RAV4 has been around for 20 years and has gained itself a good reputation as the original compact SUV. It was always designed to be able to go anywhere. The newest model has a new hybrid engine option though as well as other innovations to improve on it even more.

The hybrid engine is based on that used for the Prius which has been hugely successful. This means that you can trust the engine to be reliable and gutsy but also fuel efficient. With fuel being so expensive, many people looking to save money and the environment becoming more of a pressing concern for everyone, having a hybrid engine could be something that many people are considering. On top of this the RAV4 will be fitted with the new Toyota (عروض تويوتا في السعوديه) Safety Sense system which will help to keep you safer when travelling. There is also a panoramic view monitor to also keep safety high making manoeuvring a lot easier.

Therefore you can get the power that you want with a cleaner engine. The car is also designed to help you to keep calm. There is instant power for when you need it but also cruise control when you want to sit back a bit. However, it is still up to the challenge of off road driving or driving in difficult conditions should this be necessary.

Of course the new RAV4 also comes with a stylish look. It has a sleek and modern design. There are Bi-LED headlamps with LED guide lights on the rear. These stand out and give the car its signature look. There are also alloy wheels to finish off the sophisticated new design. Inside there are also new high quality materials and there is plenty of storage room, both for passengers and their luggage, providing the perfect balance.