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What is New from KIA in 2017?

KIA continues to surprise the market with good techy cars full of features that attractively affordable.  The South Korean car maker is winning more hearts with car models that are winning awards in quality and innovation.  Bethlehem KIA says that KIA is set to unveil even better cars in 2017. Some of the cars from KIA include:


KIA is giving hybrid lovers a functional family SUV. They have unveiled this crossover possibly as a 2018 model. It is part of the green sub-brand KIA is calling EcoDynamics. KIA is targeting to achieve an EPA rating of 50 in the Niro. It comes with a 1.6 liter Atkinson engine that is paired with an electric motor powered by a 1.56 kWh Li-ion battery, and dual clutching. The   engine churns out 146 HP and 195 pound feet of torque.


KIA is unveiling the second generation Cadenza in 2017. The new model features an 8 speed automatic transmission and a 3.3 liter V6 engine giving an output of 290 HP. The impressive sporty design was done in California. You can choose one of the two grilles depending on the trim you pick. It features butch sheet metal and is packed with driver aids.

Optima Hybrid

KIA has committed to cutting down fuel consumption on all its models by 25% by the year 2020. The Optima has a plug-in hybrid version. Both versions have passed the 40 mpg mark with the plug-in hybrid doing 27 miles in the electric-only mode. The 9.8 kWh battery comes with an electronic coach which helps the driver optimize fuel consumption. This can stretch the range to 600 miles.


KIA is giving the Forte a makeover. The 1.8 liter engine has been discarded for a 2.0 liter Atkinson engine. The interior has been upgraded and the driver has some additional aids including swiveling headlights.


KIA is unveiling the 4th generation sportage with a bigger 2.0 liter engine giving 240 Hp. Like in the older models, All wheel Drive remains optional. The interior has been detailed with soft touch material and includes two ice trays with fancy LED lighting. The cabin in the new Sportage is roomier than in the previous models.


KIA is promising to unveil a new Soul in 2017. It is expected that the current 2.0 liter engine with an output of 164 HP will be replaced with a turbocharged 1.6 liter with a higher output of 200 HP.


The new Sorento will feature automatic emergency braking.

Protect What inside the Glass with Care

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Outdoor location is an undeniable place for some vehicles. Parking your car in an open parking lot is a problematic choice. The heat from the sun might degenerate your car interior. Its leather seat or its dashboard is the place to protect. This also happens to truck and SUV for the vehicles are mainly used in the wild circumstances. Automotive Truck SUV Window Tinting Orlando Florida offers just what you need. Its more than 14 years experiences are the proof for its expertise to get the job done right.

Your building is also unable to escape the rage of the sun. The business will have a huge problem from the heat. Commercial Business Window Tinting Orlando Florida allows you to reduce the degree of the heat going in the building. You can handle the air conditioning effectively which leads to electricity reduction.

How to Know That You Are Qualified to Drive for Uber

 How to Know That You Are Qualified to Drive for Uber

How to Know That You Are Qualified to Drive for Uber

So, what is Uber? If you see it from passengers spectacle, then it is like a taxi. Whilst, when you see it as the driver, it mostly like a ride-sharing service where you are connected through technology with your passengers and the company that hires you. Let it alone, this ride-sharing service, recently, becomes very popular for its simplicity, more it is less expensive compared to standard taxi fare, even though it depends on the state or the city where it is operated. Its driver is quite varied, from professional driver that takes the job full time to a typical driver who treats the job as a part time job.

Simply say, everyone can drive for Uber as long as they match to Uber car requirements. Indeed, the requirements can be varied from one state to another, however, the basic stays the same. Speak for the requirements for Uber car, you can slice it up into two different categories, first, from the car restrictions requirements, and second, from its service level. Pay your attention to the first category, you should know that, if you want to drive for Uber, you will be restricted to drive under full-sized van segment like GMC Savana or Ford E-Series.

It is not possible for you to drive for Uber with marked vehicle like taxi or some. Crown Victoria will be not allowed. Be sure you check regularly this basic guidelines as it can change sometimes. Now, let take a look the car requirement from its service level. UberX is known as the entry level of the service that is used as a everyday basis ride-share service which is better than regular taxi. The requirements to follow; the vehicle that is used fit four passengers without considering the driver. The vehicle must be a 2000 production line, but the newest the better. Bear in mind, this one is also differed from state-to-state.

For instance, when it is for New York City, then the vehicle must be released at least on 2011. UberXL is another service level. If you have a minivan or SUV that can occupy six passengers (no driver include), and it is a 2000 or newer either minivan or SUV, then you can apply yourself to drive with this level. Another one is UberSelect/UberPlus. This service is not available in every state if you want to know. Compared to other services like the previous two, this one is more expensive.

The requirement to be accepted into this level, a four-door of entry level luxury sedan is mandatory. The vehicle must be under 2007 production line, more, it should have leather interior. Too, it should be able to handle about four passengers without the driver. UberSUV and Uber Black are next. Applying for this, the vehicle should be a full size SUV or Sedan that is released on 2012 or more updated model, drapes with black for both interior and exterior and plenty other. The last one is UberLux which you find only in Los Angeles, that requires you to have commercial insurance and many other. Lastly, before applying, it best if you understand other considerations as well.

New RAV4 Hybrid

The RAV4 has been around for 20 years and has gained itself a good reputation as the original compact SUV. It was always designed to be able to go anywhere. The newest model has a new hybrid engine option though as well as other innovations to improve on it even more.

The hybrid engine is based on that used for the Prius which has been hugely successful. This means that you can trust the engine to be reliable and gutsy but also fuel efficient. With fuel being so expensive, many people looking to save money and the environment becoming more of a pressing concern for everyone, having a hybrid engine could be something that many people are considering. On top of this the RAV4 will be fitted with the new Toyota (عروض تويوتا في السعوديه) Safety Sense system which will help to keep you safer when travelling. There is also a panoramic view monitor to also keep safety high making manoeuvring a lot easier.

Therefore you can get the power that you want with a cleaner engine. The car is also designed to help you to keep calm. There is instant power for when you need it but also cruise control when you want to sit back a bit. However, it is still up to the challenge of off road driving or driving in difficult conditions should this be necessary.

Of course the new RAV4 also comes with a stylish look. It has a sleek and modern design. There are Bi-LED headlamps with LED guide lights on the rear. These stand out and give the car its signature look. There are also alloy wheels to finish off the sophisticated new design. Inside there are also new high quality materials and there is plenty of storage room, both for passengers and their luggage, providing the perfect balance.

A Used Kia Is Perfect For Your Daughter’s First Car

After spending hours taking her out on backroads and teaching her how to drive, all of your combined hard work has paid off; your daughter has finally earned her driver’s licence. You couldn’t be more proud of her, and you want to reward her good driving with a car. If you could, you would buy her the safest 2016 vehicle, but you still have a household budget to consider, which it makes it impossible to buy straight from the dealership. Luckily, a used car isn’t what it used to be; you can find reliable, high performing vehicles at a fraction of the price if it were new. Take the Kia Sorento. You can find this SUV crossover at a reasonable price on an online classified blog.

A Used Kia Is Perfect For Your Daughte

The GTA is home to one of the busiest highways in the world, and the 401 sees more cars each day than any other freeway in North America. If you know your daughter will be using this main artery to get around, you need to know that what she is driving will keep her safe. The Kia Sorento has a five-star safety rating, making it the best choice to keep your daughter safe on the roads. As a responsive 4×4, the Sorento is a capable SUV even during dangerous winter weather.

What pleases you about the Sorento won’t necessarily make your daughter happy but its auxiliary hook-ups for her phone, the 10-speaker audio system, and space to fit all of her friends will. In addition to great highway handling and fuel efficiency, the Kia Sorento is a stylish crossover that your daughter will love.

Getting that style without paying the price tag that comes along with the 2016 Sorento is easy, if you know where to look. Forget about driving all around town and looking at different suspicious used car lots. Online classified ads are the best way to find second hand vehicles in your area. You can find someone who is looking to sell their Kia Sorento within a short drive of your own home. And since it’s a popular model due to its excellent performance, you’ll more than likely find one in a colour that your daughter will like.

After all, everything that you do is for your daughter, and her happiness is your number one priority. That’s why you spent so long practicing driving the roads and parallel parking with her. You can have the best of both worlds with a used Kia Sorento. Securing one through a classified ad is just one way to keep your present within your budget.