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A Guide to Hiring an Auto Repair Service

In the last few decades, the automobile industry has grown tremendously. We live in a generation where high-tech media systems and onboard computers are among the things now being included in modern cars, trucks, pickups and SUV’s. Unlike the previous decades, the vehicles of this modern age are much more reliable. This is due both to fuel-efficiency, unlike in previous years, and also because newer vehicles are more eco-friendly and are built to last longer.  Among the things that never change is the need for services, like car repair. There are many businesses providing Auto Repair Service in RI,  so it can be quite a challenge to get the right repair service dealership for your car if you are in need. Especially if you need things done fast. We discuss in this article some important things you need to know before you hire an auto repair service.

Ask your Friends

When choosing an auto repair service for the first time, you may get tempted to hire a particular company just because it has a brand name or because it’s a franchise that you know. Another important thing you need to do is ask around to find people who have tried various auto dealership companies in your area. Most of your neighbors, family and even friends are potential people you can get help and advice from. When you are choosing between a single line auto repair service or an independent  family-owned dealership, make sure you ask around. Barry Automotive Group customers will certainly give good testimonials and reviews of our excellent work.

Check Our Online Reputation

Most mechanics are honest in their work. However, some mechanics and auto repair shops are known to leave their clients not satisfied. over the years, we have received hundreds of positive reviews online. It’s important to check the reviews of a particular auto repair shop on Google before you take your car into any repair shop. Reading so many good reviews online will reinforce your decision to work with Barry Automotive Group.

Check which Auto repair services local employers use

Here in Newport, RI, many companies depend on Barry Automotive Group to keep their vehicles running smoothly. If you are looking for a good auto repair service company why not ask the people who work for local companies? As we are located minutes for the Newport Naval base, you are bound to get good recommendations from enlisted or civilian personnel who work there.

Ask Your Auto Insurer

Not many people know that auto insurance providers can help recommend you to a good auto repair service company. So if you have a challenge finding a good, trustworthy auto repair service make an effort and ask your local auto insurer agent.