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Acura MDX vs Hyundai Santa Fe

2017-Acura-MDXThe selection of the cars which you will use in the coming period is very difficult. In fact, every year tens and hundreds of new models appears to the market. For the year 2016 are already announced over 200 new or redesigned vehicles. It is very difficult to find what suits you in so many models. In order to make a quality choice, it is necessary to compare many models of the same category. This process consume, of course, a lot of time, which most of us simply don’t have. Again, there are people who do not have such luck to buying new models, because they live in less developed countries. For this category of customers choice is much easier, because the purchase of the used models that are already known is easier task. They already knew which models have proved to be better, and which one are very bad. Today I will compare two models that are very attractive and very similar. The first model is 2017 Acura MDX, redesigned luxury model. The second vehicle is a Hyundai Santa Fe, redesigned 2017 version. As is known, the models that are labeled, for example for 2017, often arise during the previous year. So, the both of these models will appear for the sale in mid-2016. Therefore, it is interesting now to read what’s new in these models. Factories receive orders for new models even a few months earlier, so a quality information will mean a lot to people that are interested.


First important information is about the engine. Both models have extremely high-quality engines. True, there is something more powerful Acura engine. Namely, the MDX has a strength of over 290 hp, while, on the other side,
Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 has 2 engines. The stronger one has more than 260 hp, and with that power is somehow competitive with Acura. The external appearance of them is surprisingly similar. On the both cars dominate the elegant lines viewed from the front and from the side. The vehicles had a long silhouette, but so as not to spoil the overall experience. The interior is luxuriously equipped. In both vehicles, you can choose a multitude of designs and materials when ordering. The seats are comfortable and well done. For Acura MDX is pretty sure that it will have advanced features while driving. The reason because I know this is the fact that the new model will not differ much from the 2015 model year.

Very interesting piece of information we get when we consider fuel consumption. Both models have almost the same gas mileage!!! Both vehicles are spending while driving the highway about 27 mpg.
The only significant difference is the price. When this parameter we take for consideration, we find that Acura is expensive as much as $ 12,000. Decide for yourself whether it is worth to give so much money for almost the same vehicle. One might even say that one of the companies copied the design of another, but of course nobody will be with certainty sure.
What I could from my side is to recommend a second car. Despite lower motor and slightly inferior equipment, if you buy Santa Fe, you will achieve huge savings, and you will get a car of the same design.