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Rent a Car in Europe

Rent a Car in EuropeABC Rent a Car Tours is located on ‘VojvodaVasilAdzilarski’ Str. No.2, Hotel “Holiday Inn”, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

ABC Rent a Car Tours” is one of the most successful and one of the best rent a car companies in Macedonia, with 40 vehicles at your disposal.

Our company has been successfully collaborating with all Government institutions for accommodation and transportation of exclusive VIP guests and foreign delegation. Our company also offers organized hotel accommodation, transport and other services to the staff and members of foreign delegation.

  • ABC Rent a Car Tours” is at your disposal for organizing trips, advising and giving any type of information
  • We also obtain visas, travel documents and all other documents you need to travel abroad
  • We’re experienced at organizing sport, health and tourism congresses. We were the organizers of the “Advanced dentistry, challenges and solutions” congress held in Ohrid.
  • Our company also offers official assistance and escort on your arrival and departure.
  • You can reserve and buy tickets for all kinds of congresses through our company. We offer museum, fairs and reception tickets.

We have a successful collaboration with the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, the Office of the Prime Minister and the President, The Ministry of Foreign and Internal affairs, the Ministry of Defense and other agencies.
We’re the go-to company for many foreign embassies and consulates in Skopje. Some of our clients are: the Embassy of Israel, the Embassy of Germany, the Embassy of the United Stated of America, the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia, the Embassy of Croatia and the Embassy of Greece.

Besides the successful car-renting business, our company also has licence”A”, licence to organize arrangements outside the territory of Republic of Macedonia.
Our company also has a souvenir shop where you can find so many interesting souvenirs, the original “Ohrid pearls” etc. The souvenir shop is located opposite the reception desk of the Holiday Inn Hotel.

ABC Rent a Car Tours” is located within the premises of hotel “Holiday Inn” in Skopje. We are technically and professionally prepared to help our clients and to make you a happy customer.

Here’s a short review of the activities we have participated in.

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Honda Secures The Future Of UK Manufacturing Plant

Future Of UK Manufacturing Plant

At the end of March, Honda secured the future of their Swindon based manufacturing plant, pledging an investment of £200 million which will see one of their most popular models, the five-door version of Civic hatchback produced there when it is updated. This is Honda’s only European manufacturing plant and the fact that it’s future has been secured showcases the overall commitment by brands to the UK automotive industry.

Also this past week, we saw Jaguar Land Rover announcing that they are to be spending around £600 million on their West Midlands operations (£400 million which will support the manufacturing of the Jaguar-XF at Castle Bromwich) as well as the owner of the London Taxi Company pledging £250 million (as well as 1,000 jobs) to the development of a new low-emission black cab at a soon-to-launch factor in Coventry. This takes the week’s overall investment in the UK motor industry to over £1billion, a figure which showcases the strength of the market and a continued commitment to British manufacturing.

Looking back to Honda’s announcement regarding their Swindon plant, it was announced that the investment will go towards new production equipment as well as introducing processed which will turn the plant into a global manufacturing hub for the model which will see exports being made to both Europe and other leading markets. At this stage, there is no announced increase in production, however hiring additional workers may be on the cards in the not too distant future.

Mike Hawes, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) stated, “it has been a fantastic week for UK automotive. Honda’s decision to build its next generation Honda Civic, a global car in an important and growing segment, here in the UK caps off a record six days – the first time three manufacturers have announced nine-figure investments over such a short period of time.”

Speaking with the team at Cox Motor parts, one of the UK’s leading retailers of genuine Honda parts, they commented on the investment, “Over the past 12 month’s, we’ve seen a fantastic increase in the sale of genuine Honda parts and this simply shows testament to the strength of the brand within the UK, Europe and other leading markets. Of course, for Honda to announce this past week that manufacturing of the new five-door Honda Civic hatchback further showcases the capability of UK manufacturing and that the plant is in a position to handle the production of such a fantastic model. As a genuine dealer, we can only look forward to there being more Honda cars on the road and are pleased to see such a strong investment not only from Honda but from all within the UK automotive market as a whole. With such a strong history in the manufacturing of cars, it makes sense that production of at least some models needs to be taking place on our shores.”