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Get Your Car Back in Working Order

Your car is likely in great shape the first six months you drive it. Six months into use, or 6,000 miles later, you will need to take it for its interim service, which takes about an hour and a half. After a year of constant use, or 12,000 miles later, you will be required to take it in for a full service. This takes about three hours. It is imperative to do this if you intend to keep that car for longer than just one year.

If along the way there is need to take it in for more than just regular service, then it is commendable that you do that as soon as you notice signs of exhaustion.

Some of the ways to know that your car may need attention include:

  • Leaks – If you can is leaking, you may want to have it checked to rule out any serious impediment.
  • A Smoking Exhaust – The color of the smoke that your car emits will tell you the story of the engine (if there is a leak), a leak in the coolant, or if too much oil is being burnt.
  • Creaking Sounds – There are sounds that you know to be typical of your car. If you start it one morning, and you notice creaking and screeching sounds that are not normal to it, then you could be at the onset of car trouble.
  • Smell-You are familiar with the smell of the unnoticeable fumes from your car. If one day you get some odd rotten smell emissions, then there could be a whole lot of things going on in the interior system of your car. Different smells signify different things. The attendant at the auto repair shop should be in the best position to identify the problem.


Just like your laptop, some things in your car do not necessitate the attention of an expert. At the end of it, though, you may just have to consult your mechanic before a minor problem escalates to a bigger one. Here is how you can retain a great working relationship with your mechanic:

  • Communicate Accurately

Let them tell you what the diagnosis is and what they are planning to do to your car. Once the repairs are done, they can give you some expert advice on how to prevent the problem from happening again. Importantly, talk upfront about the price of the work that they are about to do.

  • Leave them to their work

You may want to check in and have them talk you through every step of the repair, but they have a job to do: to have your car working in perfect condition. The sooner you leave them alone, the sooner your job will be done.

  • Avail Yourself

Be available on the phone or in person when they need you. Proper communication makes it possible to have the job done with ease and to your satisfaction.

Having a regular mechanic helps a lot because you are assured to have one person who understands your car from the get-go, just like having a personal doctor.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited offers the best car repair Columbia MO has to offer.

How to Find a Good Auto Repair Mechanic

This is a very common question that many vehicle owners ask every now and then. In the past the best way to know that a mechanic or an auto repair shop that had pros that are highly skilled and could do a good job and could charge a fair price was by word of mouth. This was an efficient method but now there is a faster method that is only a few mouse clicks away or touches screen taps away. The review sites that can be found on the Internet have greatly simplified things for us. They help you identify a good mechanic in your area.  However, this science is not exact. Sometimes a shop or mechanic that was highly recommended might actually disappoint you by doing a shoddy job but at least you are able to have the odds in your favor.


Seek feedback and recommendations from your family and friends on the shops they have visited before and especially if they have a similar vehicle type. This way you can judge their expertise on the jobs they have taken part in before. This is a very reliable way of knowing where to entrust your car.


The shop should be offering different kind of guarantees on their repair work. These warranties can vary from shop to shop so make sure you ask them way ahead in time to avoid inconveniences in the end.  Also make sure the shop is convenient. Even a well performing shop might not be worth the effort if it hours are conflicting greatly with your schedule especially if you have very few or no transportation options after you from the vehicle at the auto repair shop.


If your vehicle needs a small repair, try out a local auto repair shop with these small repairs or maintenance and this way you will know if you can trust them to do the big repairs.


There are enthusiast message boards that have come up that may be dedicated to a particular vehicle make or car model and more often than not the members discuss their local dealerships or the independent repair shops in the area. In this forum the members have a chance to chime in and give their experiences or any recommendations they have in mind. As a car owner be able to filter this information so that you can know what to use in your favor or the advice on a particular recommended auto repair shop or mechanic. Many garages specialize majorly in the certain makes. Choose a shop that focuses mainly on your make, as they are more likely to have the latest training and up to date equipments to fix your vehicle.


Well Google has an enormous database, which will come in handy in this case. Through Google you are able to yield the greatest number of search results on the available auto repair shops and mechanics and you are even able to narrow down the search to those around your area. However information from Google requires some extra filtering so that it is useful and bears good results to you. The auto repair shops list will also include their addresses and other contact information that will make it easy for you to contact the mechanic or the auto repair body shop. Google has its own independent review and scoring system, and this means you should be wary of having to rely completely on this system of finding a good auto repair mechanic.

It is possible to choose a good mechanic instead of having the trouble to randomly pick a shop to take your car to. Therefore plan ahead of time the possible choices you are considering and this way you feel at ease driving into the shop with your vehicle in need of repairs.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited has the best auto repair Columbia MO has to offer, where their expert staff can get your car back on the road in no time.

Auto Body Repair Tips That You Should Keep in Mind

Car accidents are an uncontrollable face of life. Every single day there are millions of drivers on the road that may be distracted by something as simple as phone calls, bad weather, and lack of sleep. Luckily some of these accidents are minor and nobody gets injured, but a minor accident can cause serious damage to your vehicle—especially the outside of the car in areas like doors and fenders.

It is important to go through your insurance to make sure your car gets repaired and back on the road. This article covers a few things you should know how to do in order to ensure that your car is properly fixed and ready to drive.

Choose the Right Body Shop

Your insurance company may actually give you a list of the shops that they work with, however you can usually choose who you want to do the work off of that list. Before having the job done by an insurance-recommended shop, consider doing some research on the business reviews of other available choices. Make sure that you read various auto body repair shops reviews and recommendations.

Visit potential auto body repair shops for yourself and look around. However, it is not a good idea to visit them when they are busy because you won’t have the full attention of the staff. Certifications are another important sign of whether a shop is qualified or not. Certifications show that the auto body repair shop is committed to continuous training of their staff on repair procedures. They also show that the shop has the information to perform complete, safe and quality repairs for satisfactory results.

Most countries require that an auto body repair shop gives you a written estimate. Make sure that you are given a chance to review their written estimate before the shop begins on the repair of your vehicle. When you go to pick your car, make sure that you check and compare any written estimates to your final bill. Different auto repair shops offer different estimates, so it is important to choose a reliable one.

Avoiding Bad Car Parts

When you take your car out for repair, you should ask about what replacement parts are going to be used on your car. While some body shops use new body parts, there are also those that prefer to use used parts. Used parts are known and made to perform just as well as original parts, but there is a chance that they are actually cheap imitations of inferior quality. Bad parts can actually corrode, rattle and ultimately diminish the value of your car.

Examine Your Vehicle’s Paint Job

Often, you see cars on the road that may have body panels in different colors. Make sure that you match your newly painted body panel to the rest of your car. When you go to pick up your car at the body shop, make sure to ask what panels are originals and which ones were painted. Step back approximately ten feet from the car and see if you can notice a difference in the color or shade. If there is a difference, then additional paint is necessary to get a better match.

Check Your Warning Lights

When you are involved in an accident there are a number of warning lights that may turn on in your dashboard. These lights may include the air bag light, low coolant light, check engine light and others. When you pick up your finished car in the repair shop, make sure that all of the problems that the vehicle may have been experiencing have been corrected and none of the lights are still on. If the lights are still on this could be a sign that your vehicle’s board computer may need to be reprogrammed or that certain electrical components need to be replaced.

Some auto body repairs might be quite expensive, so before filling the claim check you should check on the deductible of your auto insurance policy. If you choose to file a claim, then you have to pay the full deductible amount. Make sure you get an estimate from a qualified auto body shop before filing.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited has the best auto repair Columbia MO has to offer, where their expert staff can get your car back on the road in no time.