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Advances in Variable Ratio Steering

active steering

Keeping a car stable on the road has a lot to do with the suspension and tire technology. However, there are also things that can contribute stability while driving that is housed inside of the vehicle’s steering wheel. This is the approach that has been taken with Ford’s New Variable-Ratio Steering System. This type of new steering approach helps a driver to move the wheels of a car more while not having to turn the steering wheel excessively.

Not a New Concept

This type of steering, referred to as active steering, is something that has been around for the past 12 to 13 years. In fact, luxury automakers like BMW have been employing this type of steering in many of their luxury vehicles. There are several things that make the Ford approach unique.

The Difference

The first difference between the BMW inspire active steering and Ford’s variable ratio steering is that Ford’s adaptation is the first of its type to be introduced on non-luxury vehicles. The fact is that a person won’t have to spend a small fortune to have improved steering and stability while driving a vehicle.

Easy to Upgrade

Another benefit to this type of ratio steering technology is that because it’s housed in the steering wheel, virtually any Ford vehicle with enough clearance room in the steering wheel can be retrofitted with variable ratio steering. Ford was very deliberate in making this a standalone unit in the hopes of being able to retrofit new models, as well as customers being able to retrofit existing Ford vehicles with this new type of steering technology.

Variable Ratios of the Past

The fact is that this type of variable ratio steering has been around for a while. However, in the past there were trade-offs. Higher ratios for steering meant that a person would have to turn the wheel many times in order to get them to turn. The benefit to this was that even though a great deal of wheel was having to be put into turning, it was extremely easy to move the steering wheel.

With steering that had lower ratios, less turning of the steering wheel had been done in order to get the tires to move. Unfortunately, this made turning the wheel extremely difficult. While some of these things were improved with power steering, variable steering ratios still exhibited similar challenges, even with a power steering unit.

Powered Units as a Solution

To counteract that, when active steering or variable ratio steering was introduced by BMW, the unit was powered by electricity. Much like power steering helped people maneuver cars without a great deal of resistance, the electric powered active steering device allowed for easy steering, regardless of whether the wheel was moving a great deal or only moving a little. This same premise is what has been introduced by Ford in its new variable ratio steering.

The Benefits

Many people might wonder about the benefits of this type of steering device. One of the main benefits is being able to steer and maneuver the vehicle in tight spaces. With tighter urban areas, smaller parking spaces and more traffic than ever before, having a vehicle that can handle easily in confined spaces without the driver having to turn the wheel excessively makes for a better handling vehicle.

At higher rates of speed, this type of steering allows the driver more stability. Less wheel needs to be used at higher speeds in general. However with variable ratio steering, even less turning will need to be made in the event that a driver will have to make evasive movements at highway speeds.

These advancements in variable ratio steering technologies will be of benefit to a large number of drivers on the road today. For drivers of heavy duty service trucks or commuters that own small compact vehicles, easier steering and maneuverability will continue to be a highly sought after feature in modern vehicles. With Ford making their technology more accessible, competitive manufacturers will likely follow suit.

Finding Auto Service with Great Service and Authentic Parts

Owners of BMW cars will want to get the best BMW repair shops to take care of their BMW cars. As a car owner, one will understand the necessity of taking cars to have a proper maintenance. From time to time, maintaining car condition will need to be done in order to keep its level of safety and performance at its best. The regular maintenance will also help in detecting particular parts of the car that need more attention such as being repaired or even replaced. While there are a lot of auto service shops can be found, finding the best is not as easy.

Recently, thanks to the help of the modern technology, a lot of auto service shops are establishing their own websites to lure more people into hiring their services. These websites are very useful as car owners will be able to check on them whenever they need a service especially the one in the area they are not familiar with. By checking the websites, there will be no need to go outside and drive the car which will definitely need to spend money to buy gas. Stay at home and browse the websites. There will be no money spent and the information acquired will be similar more or less.

A real good service shop is the one that will provide top service at satisfying level. This includes the friendly staff who will serve customers without leaving bad impression to the customers. The real good service technically will certainly become one of the most important things to be considered. No matter how friendly one service is, it will not be good enough if the maintenance, repair and replacement considered being not good enough. Last but not least auto service shops those provide authentic parts will make things easier for car owners.

Best Convertible Cars

Everyone is tempted to buy a convertible during the summer. Just imagine the fresh air and the wind in your hair. There are some fantastic new car discounts available on convertibles, although the new Ferrari 488 Spider might still be a bit out of reach at over £200,000. However, there are other great choices for every budget.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider – from £59,500

Alfa Romeo has always been great at producing sexy, entertaining two-seater convertibles – the sort of car expressly designed to take in the Amalfi coast on a summer evening. The 4C has been an incredibly successful release from the Italian company after a few years in the doldrums, with modern features such as a carbon-fibre chassis and stunning good looks.

DS3 Cabriolet – from £13,295

The wonderfully affordable DS3 Cabriolet is a very chic budget choice with lots of customisation options. It’s a surprisingly fun drive and a very competent little car all round.

BMW Z4 – from £51,225

BMW’s sophisticated two-seater Z4 roadster comes with a practical folding hard top and a luxurious cabin. It’s less agile than your average BMW but has plenty of power and handsome looks.

Jaguar F-Type Convertible – from £51,225

An absolutely glorious-looking and sporty-sounding roadster, this is Jaguar at its best. The F-Type Convertible is quite a bit more expensive than the coupé original but boasts a silky-smooth drive, a cosseting cabin and magnificent build quality.

Audi A3 Cabriolet – from £26,125

A premium-quality convertible version of the A3 hatchback, the A3 Cabriolet’s cabin is extremely smart and spacious. It also seats four adults in comfort, which is unusual for a convertible.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet – from £26,125

Another good choice if you regularly need to carry four people, the E-Class is a stunning-looking summer convertible with the superior design and mechanical excellence you expect from Mercedes-Benz.

Audi TT Roadster – from £31,995

One of the most popular sporty roadsters on the market, the funky little TT comes with a great choice of economical but powerful engines and head-turning good looks. The Audi badge is also a fairly solid guarantee of quality.

BMW 2 Series Convertible – from £26,125

A pacey and refined compact convertible, the 2 Series is your typical solidly built and smartly designed BMW. Chopping the roof off only seems to increase its appeal.

Mazda MX-5 – from £18,495

This modern classic has recently been updated to celebrate its 25th birthday. Its clean design is accompanied by entertaining driving dynamics rather than flat-out speed, and it remains one of the best-selling sports convertibles in the world.

Porsche Boxster – from £39,553

The Boxster ticks almost every box: prestigious badge, punchy performance, satisfying grip and sleek styling. It’s the ultimate sports roadster.

New BMW M5 is Ready!

The BMW M5 series is one of the most stylish super saloons on the motor market up to date since its first release in the early 1980s. With its main competition being the likes of the Jaguar XFR, the Vauxhall VXR8 GTS, Alphina B3 Biturbo just to mention a few, the BMW M5 still remains outstanding when it comes to performance and style.

This is more evident in the new 2016 BMW M5. The 2016 BMW M5 has got car fanatics anxiously waiting for its release into the market with some car critics giving it a five star rating saying that it has impressive performance and ultimate luxury.

2016 BMW M5

2016 BMW M5

The car comes with new unique upgrades and a new competition package from the previous version as we shall see. Below is an in-depth review of this sweet car with all its specifications and price range.

2016 BMW M5 Exterior Changes

As you can see on the images from http://topcarsreleasedates.com/2016-bmw-5-series/ The 2016 BMW M5’s exterior has been sleekly designed to give it an aggressive sporty look while at the same time giving it the dynamic blend in design and performance. The exterior comes with upgrades on the grille and the LED lights to give it a more futuristic appearance.

2016 BMW M5 front

2016 BMW M5 front

This car is a five door sedan that comes with the usual quad exhaust tailpipes. It comes with a tie pressure monitoring system with the standard tires being 19.0” in diameter and a width of 295mm fitted into silver forged aluminum rims with 4-wheel ABS brakes. The car also comes with power remote driver mirror adjustment.

2016 BMW M5 back

2016 BMW M5 back

The car is also fitted with rear defoggers and a very well designed sunroof. It also comes with adaptive headlights and cornering lights all designed to give it a stunning and competitive look. The standard specifications are 193.5”x74.4”x57.3’ (length by width by height).

2016 BMW M5 Interior Photos

The interior was not left out. It also spots a few impressive upgrades. The 2016 BMW co0mes with an automatic front air conditioning and a controlled rear air conditioning system. It is also fitted with fancy devices like a single in-dash CD audio system with radio and mp3 support. It is also fitted with cruise control features and a tilt and telescopic, speed proportional power steering.

2016 BMW M5 interior

2016 BMW M5 interior

The interior cabin is very spacious to meet the luxury it’s associated with. There is enough head and leg space in both the front and rear seats. The driver seat comes with multi-level heating and a power adjustment option. It’s also fitted with power windows.

The 2016 BMW M5’s interior capacity is 5 passengers with the seats upholstered in leather. That’s not all, it also comes with child safety features like manual child safety locks. On telematics and security, the car comes with a voice activated navigation system and an anti-theft alarm system

Engine specs – 2016 BMW M5

The base option is fitted with a 4.4ltr V8 engine that yields up to 560hp at 6000RPM. The engine offers more performance with more fuel efficiency compared to the previous V10 engine that was in the previous version. This new push button to start engine has a 10:1 compression ratio has an MPG of 14 for city and 20 for highway. The engine yields 500lbs-ft at 1500RPM of torque. It also has a 7 speed automatic transmission with auto-shift.  The engine delivers an impressive 0-60MPH at a record 4.3 seconds.

The engine is a rear wheel drive with a double wishbone front suspension and a multilink rear suspension. So in as much as the engine lost its raw intensity after the switch from the V10 to the V8, the performance and dynamics of this super saloon haven’t been adversely affected, on the contrary, the performance has improved and the car is now more fuel effective that ever.

The 2016 BMW M5 comes with stability and traction control, features that only come in high-end cars.

2016 BMW M5 – Price & Release Date

The 2016 BMW M5, which only comes in one trim has very appealing price compared to its rivals. Its MSRP currently stands at USD $94,100 for the base option with a basic warranty of 48 months or 50,000 miles. The release date is yet unclear but sources say that the car could hit the motor market by July, 2016.