Top 2017 Cars worth Waiting For

If you are happy to put 2016 and the top CA traffic school questions in the past, you aren’t alone! It was an awfully difficult year in many different respects. Onward we go to 2017. The New Year offers plenty of hope in the form of stunning new tech-laden vehicles. If you have been saving your money or have a vehicle with an expiring lease, you are in the “catbird seat” for 2017. A whole bunch of sweet new rides are hitting the scene in the next 12 months. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best automobiles coming our way in 2017.

The Kia GT

The upcoming Kia GT is poised to attract a diverse array of car-seekers. You will spot everyone from teens to middle age adults and even senior citizens riding around in the new Kia GT. If you remember what the original hot wheels toy cars looked like, you can envision the upcoming KIA GT in your mind’s eye. This gorgeous new whip features a 2.0 liter engine with 260 horses and is considered a safe ride according to most traffic schools.

The Mazda MX-5 RF

Aside from the wildly popular Miata, the MX-5 is Mazda’s most adorable model. This lovely little two-seater hearkens back to those sporty British convertibles of yesteryear. The new model features a retractable roof, Bilstein shocks, limited slip rear differential on club models, a front brace and BBS wheels. Brembo front brakes are also available. Step it up to the Grand Touring model and you will enjoy niceties like navigation, adaptive headlights and heated leather seats. The new MX-5 RF will also be equipped with a much quieter engine to boot.

The Lexus LC

Auto industry experts anticipate the upscale Lexus LC to rank right up there with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. Lexus engineers are really ramping up the comfort level for the upcoming LC. The LC’s seating is allegedly uber-plush. Yet the new LC is not all about feel and comfort. This heavily anticipated ride also delivers in the power department. The LC is loaded with a beastly 5.0 liter 8-cylinder engine. A hybrid version will also be available with a 3.5 liter engine. Opt for the 8-cylinder engine and your ride will feature a 10-speed automatic that sends the LC to 60 mph in fewer than 4.5 seconds.

Ford Focus RS500

The new version of the Focus RS is poised to be a serious contender for performance car of the year. The upcoming RS500 is built with lighter materials to boost acceleration and possibly even improve fuel efficiency. There will be more power under the hood, an improved suspension and massive eye-catching wheels. Though these new features will bump up the RS’s price, the new version will be worth every penny. This is the everyday man’s “supercar” in every sense of the word.

The Tesla Model 3

This is one of the most anticipated vehicles in automotive history. The Tesla Model 3 is an electric-powered vehicle with a rechargeable battery and a surprisingly affordable price tag. Buyers can choose between four-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive. The Tesla Model 3 is capable of a 215 mile driving range. It can reach 60 mph in six seconds or less. If this isn’t fast enough for you speed demons out there, don’t fret! Tesla engineers have promised to bring even faster versions of the Model 3 in the following months. This groundbreaking vehicle will cost a mere $35,000. It won’t be long before Tesla Model 3s are all over the roads. The electric vehicle revolution is finally in full swing.

The Cheapest Cars to Repair and Insure in the UK

Almost everyone is interested in paying less for auto insurance. There are some things that drivers simply can’t do anything about, like their age, but having the right type of car can actually be a money saving double whammy. Remember that insurers calculate your premiums based on how risky and expensive they think you’re going to be for them, so cars with lower repair costs are typically cheaper to insure. And if you are interested in buying replacement car parts online and doing some basic repairs yourself, obviously a vehicle with lower repair costs is going to save you money directly, too.

Now, if you’ve already got your car and won’t be in the market for a new one for the foreseeable future, you’ll just have to make do with what you’ve got and try to save money by doing your own repairs, if possible, and finding other ways to save money on auto insurance. You can always play around with any optional cover your policy has, take on a higher voluntary excess, or get married if you’re single (just kidding).

Without further ado, here are the cheapest cars to repair and insure in the UK.

Top 5 cheapest car models to repair and insure

  1. Toyota Yaris: it’s cheap, safe, and has a very low cost to insure and repair. Being a huge international brand like Toyota makes it easy to get access to spare parts on the cheap. It’s a little small, so it might be a bit cramped if you have to fiddle around with anything under the bonnet, but these cars usually aren’t very complicated.
  2. Kia Rio: a great, inexpensive family car. This is another brand that will have cheap replacement parts that will be fairly easy to find.
  3. Renault Twingo: a super compact yet attractive automobile that is also super affordable. However, if you plan on doing your own car repairs on your Renault, be prepared for a challenge, as European cars tend to pack everything in quite tight and make it hard to access certain components.
  4. Volkswagen Up: like the Twingo, this is an all-around economical option with low costs of repairs and insurance. Being a German brand, though, you’d better be prepared to pull everything apart to get to the part you’re after if you’re trying to fix or replace anything under the bonnet.
  5. Hyundai i10: cheap and high quality, this is a great first car that won’t be cost prohibitive to insure just because a driver is under 25. Plus, Hyundai has been pretty good about organising the engine bay well, making it a fairly easy make for trying DIY repairs.

The good news is, many websites offer great deals on spare car parts even if your vehicle isn’t on this list of the cheapest models to repair and insure.

How to Make Your Used Car like New Again

If you’ve recently purchased a used vehicle or you’re getting ready to sell an older car, you’ll want to make it as “new” seeming as possible whether because you want to sell it or because you want to enjoy it and the previous owner didn’t do the job for you.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Clean like you’ve never cleaned before! This is a pretty obvious first step but it’s also the one most people choose to overlook. Sure they’ll give it a quick once over but I’m talking about the kind of clean where you scrub down the entire car, shampoo the carpets and upholstery, even the roof if you think it needs it. Of course the first step in this first step is removing all the rubbish that’s piled up over time within the car. Check every nook and cranny because you’re certain to find things you didn’t even know you’d lost.


If the heavy duty clean didn’t quite do the trick, you may need to consider replacing the floor mats and even purchasing some seat covers to hide some of those tough stains. Another replacement should be your windshield wipers. Anyone that lives anywhere with wild weather knows just how important a good set of windshield wipers are. You should be cleaning them once a week with a good microfiber cloth anyway and use a windshield treatment to keep them in good working condition to reduce the amount of times you’ll need to get them replaced.

Flush All the Fluids

When was the last time you flushed every fluid in your car? Probably never. Power steering fluid, as it’s petroleum based will break down and lose effectiveness over time, meaning you’ll need to flush it and give it an extra boost with a power steering tune up to give your used car  a little help. Your brake fluid also needs to go but this one you hopefully already know about. This should be done every other year to keep your brakes in good working order. Then of course there’s your motor oil, transmission oil, antifreeze and differential fluid.

De-odorise the Air Conditioning

That’s right. If you’re looking at purchasing a used vehicle one of the best things you can possibly do is to find a place, detail shops commonly do them, that will de-odorise your a/c system for you. The vents, cabin air filter (if used) and vacuum system all get a clean. The drain tubes also get unclogged (which I can assure you they are) and everything gets disinfected. No more mouldy odours that are doing you and your passengers harm. You can actually unclog the drain tubes yourself if you can find them but it’s a very messy job and one that’s certainly worth handing your car over to the experts for.

Hopefully these tips will help you not only make your used car seem like new again but also keep you enjoying your used vehicle for years to come.

Auto repair Avondale: Choosing the Best and the most Reputable Auto Repair


Sometimes, you never realize that your vehicle gets some problems that cause uncomfortable driving. Certainly, when you find some issues on your car, then you must take it to auto repair service. For those who live in Phoenix, you do not need to worry because Champs Family Automotive is available for you. What if you live in Avondale? Luckily, Champs Family Automotive has been just running auto repair Avondale for their second location to give auto repair service to any vehicles that need to be fixed. Champs is one of the best auto repair in Arizona that offers diesel and auto repair. Why do you need to count on Champs Family Automotive?


Reputable Auto Repair in Arizona

One of the reasons why you must entrust your vehicle problem is that because Champs belongs to the most reputable auto repair Avondale that has an A+ rating with the Arizona BBB and they offer a first class auto repair that you have never got before. This is not a new thing for those who live in Phoenix particularly because the Phoenix citizens know Champs and trust them when they have some vehicle problems. Therefore, whether you live in Phoenix or Avondale, you can come to Champs Family Automotive to get vehicle services.


Offering Full Vehicle Services

What are the problems of your car? Any problems that may happen to your car, you still have a chance to fix it by visiting Champs Family Automotive shop. You can let their technicians handle your car issues and they will inspect the car problems and perform the repair. Auto repair Avondale by Champs Family Automotive also provides maintenance service for those who want to prevent the vehicle from any damage. If you really want to make sure that your car works normally, then you can count on Champs auto specialists and they will make sure that your car looks like new and runs smoothly on the road.


Champs’ Professional Technicians

One of the most important things, when you hire an auto car to fix your car, is the professionalism of the technicians. There are so many auto repair shops in the city, but you never know whether their technicians have licenses and a lot of experiences or not. However, if you choose Champs Family Automotive as the best Auto repair Avondale, you are no need to worry about their professionalism because all of the technicians are reputable and experienced in handling any car issues for many years This can be a benefit for you because you do not need to be afraid of any damages again because they will make your car work again as usual.

Champs Satisfaction Guarantee

Champs is not the only auto repair that you can find Phoenix and Avondale but they can be the best auto repair service that is available right now. Why? The reason is because Champs Family Automotive is the only Auto repair Avondale that can make sure that their customers will feel satisfied after they get service done by the technicians. In this case, the technicians will make sure that your car will be running better or just like when you buy a new car. Therefore, you must not doubt Champs Shop when dealing with diesel issue or any vehicle issues.

Champs Reasonable Service Cost

When you are dealing with vehicle issues, then you must wonder about the cost of the service that you must pay. You do not need to worry about the cost because Champs offers reasonable service cost for any car issues that you get. This is the reason why Champs Family Automotive is quite popular among the people in Arizona. They think that Champs Auto service is quite affordable and certainly has a good service quality. Therefore, there is no reason for not choosing Champs Family Automotive as the best Auto repair Avondale and Phoenix due to the affordability as well as the good quality.

In summary, Champs Family Automotive as it is mentioned is not the only auto repair available in Phoenix. However, Champs belongs to the best and the most reputable auto repair service in Phoenix and Avondale. Auto repair Avondale by Champs is the second shop that is just opened so that the people can easily get auto service done by the Champs technicians.

Get Your Car Back in Working Order

Your car is likely in great shape the first six months you drive it. Six months into use, or 6,000 miles later, you will need to take it for its interim service, which takes about an hour and a half. After a year of constant use, or 12,000 miles later, you will be required to take it in for a full service. This takes about three hours. It is imperative to do this if you intend to keep that car for longer than just one year.

If along the way there is need to take it in for more than just regular service, then it is commendable that you do that as soon as you notice signs of exhaustion.

Some of the ways to know that your car may need attention include:

  • Leaks – If you can is leaking, you may want to have it checked to rule out any serious impediment.
  • A Smoking Exhaust – The color of the smoke that your car emits will tell you the story of the engine (if there is a leak), a leak in the coolant, or if too much oil is being burnt.
  • Creaking Sounds – There are sounds that you know to be typical of your car. If you start it one morning, and you notice creaking and screeching sounds that are not normal to it, then you could be at the onset of car trouble.
  • Smell-You are familiar with the smell of the unnoticeable fumes from your car. If one day you get some odd rotten smell emissions, then there could be a whole lot of things going on in the interior system of your car. Different smells signify different things. The attendant at the auto repair shop should be in the best position to identify the problem.


Just like your laptop, some things in your car do not necessitate the attention of an expert. At the end of it, though, you may just have to consult your mechanic before a minor problem escalates to a bigger one. Here is how you can retain a great working relationship with your mechanic:

  • Communicate Accurately

Let them tell you what the diagnosis is and what they are planning to do to your car. Once the repairs are done, they can give you some expert advice on how to prevent the problem from happening again. Importantly, talk upfront about the price of the work that they are about to do.

  • Leave them to their work

You may want to check in and have them talk you through every step of the repair, but they have a job to do: to have your car working in perfect condition. The sooner you leave them alone, the sooner your job will be done.

  • Avail Yourself

Be available on the phone or in person when they need you. Proper communication makes it possible to have the job done with ease and to your satisfaction.

Having a regular mechanic helps a lot because you are assured to have one person who understands your car from the get-go, just like having a personal doctor.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited offers the best car repair Columbia MO has to offer.