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Types of Wheels for Cars

Types of Wheels for Cars

Wheel is an important part of a car and that is why choosing the best wheel for your car is incredibly essential. The right wheel for a car will enhance the performance of the car and makes the car more durable. One of the most essential parts of choosing a wheel for a car is paying attention to the material of the wheel itself. Below you will find types of wheels for a car based on its material.

  1. Alloy Wheels

The most common kind of wheel for a car is alloy wheel. This kind of wheel is made from a sort of material which is created by mixing aluminum and magnesium. There are many benefits of this kind of wheel including the fact that it is very lightweight and very durable. Using this kind of wheel for your car can give the car wonderful performance. Alloy wheels are also completed by heat conduction capacity in higher rate. Basically, allow wheel can enhance the overall performance and also appearance of the car because it looks shining and so stunning. This is why this kind of wheel is considered to be the best for car.

  1. Mag Wheels

Mag here is magnesium for short. Because the wheels are made out of magnesium, the wheels are quite heavy. Beside of that, this kind of wheel is also easier to get caught on fire or shortly they are quite inflammable. This is the reason why this kind of wheel is not so popular. However, they still have benefits including corrosion resistance. It is very durable and very resistant against corrosion so that usually they last longer.

  1. Aluminum Wheels

Beside alloy wheels, aluminum wheels are also very prominent kind of wheels for car. The best feature of this kind of wheel is that it is quite lightweight. Beside of that, this kind of wheel is also completed by a higher versatility degree of versatility. This kind of wheel is also very great to enhance the physical appearance of the car beside it can give a shining and uniformed look for the tires.

  1. Chrome Wheel

There are many benefits of using chrome wheels including its great performance when you use the car to drive through rain or snow. Why so? It is because chrome is the kind of material that is very resistant against corrosion. They will not rust and they will remain good for a long time. That is why this kind of wheel is very great for those who live in wet area. For the outer look, chrome is also very shining and has great colors so that the look of your car can be improved if you use chrome wheels.

If you want to change the wheel of your car because it has been broken or you just feel like changing it, choose the best store to get the wheel. You can come to us and get any kinds of wheels for your car. We have wheels for most type of cars including Mercedes wheels.

A Guide to Buying Aftermarket Wheels

mitsubishi_triton_helo_he879_gloss_black_machined_accent2 Aftermarket wheels can add value and style to your vehicle while changing its appearance, but making the wrong choice can cost you in more ways than one. When determining which wheels are best for your vehicle, it’s important to learn about your options. In this article, you’ll learn about different types of wheels, and you will learn how to choose the right set for your car or 4WD.mitsubishi_outlander_lexani_lx10_machined_face_chrome_lip2

Wheel Types

When upgrading your 4WD wheels, there are two types available: alloy and steel. Knowing the differences between steelies and alloys will help you choose the right set. Below are some benefits and drawbacks of each type.

  • Steel wheels are cheaper than alloys, and are easily updatable with hubcaps or wheel covers. However, these wheels are heavy, color choices are limited and they aren’t manufactured with the precision of alloys.
  • Alloys can enhance your vehicle’s looks, and they are made with precision. They can increase brake clearance and they’re lighter than steelies, but they’re also more expensive and require more maintenance.

Depending on your vehicle’s type, alloys may be your only option; steel wheels aren’t made for every vehicle. Read the owner’s manual or call the manufacturer to determine which options are available.

Finishes and Construction

Alloys come in finishes such as polished aluminum, chrome, silver and black. The different finishes allow buyers to combine colors and styles to suit any vehicle. Many wheel buyers opt for gravity-cast wheels, because they are cheaper than forged or low-pressure cast wheels. However, they’re likely to bend, and those with 4WDs may want to choose another type.

Considerations to Make When Buying Wheels

There are a few things to think about when buying wheels for your car or 4WD, and asking these questions before purchase can help prevent problems later.

  • Wheels should be of good quality to justify the higher cost. Some wheels have a tendency to crack when exposed to temperature extremes, so choose one with a high quality rating and a good finish.
  • Pricing depends on style, brand, maker and construction. Beware of wheels that are easily damaged or those that require significant maintenance.
  • Vehicle compatibility is an important issue. Wheel width, diameter, backspacing and offset must all match the vehicle, and accurate measurement is crucial.
  • Aftermarket wheels have many performance advantages. Reduced weight improves handling and fuel economy, especially in larger vehicles.
  • When buying custom rims, choose the size carefully. Plus-sizing adds weight, and should be done by using a low-profile tyre. Ozzy Tyres has many wheel and tyre packages available.

Buying new wheels does not have to break the bank, but there are steps you should take to ensure that you make the right choice. In some cases, wheels are repairable, but in others, replacement is necessary. By visiting Ozzy Tyres and by using the tips given above, drivers can get the wheels they need without spending a fortune.