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The Best Luxury Cars to Rent for Travelling

Ferrari Spider

Renting a luxury car is actually such a very nice idea that you can take, especially when you really want to make your traveling experience become so special. So then, you will not be able to forget it for your whole life. Then, it will be so much better for you to find the right luxury car rental in your town before you have a trip to your favorite places. Besides, the luxury cars can also bring your fabulous and stylish style to the higher level. So, you will definitely find that you and your car can stand apart distinctively from any other travelers. But, what are the best luxury cars that can suit your special trip in the best way possible? Well, here are the best luxury cars that you can choose to be your great vehicle during your travelling event, which you can find out below.

You can make a car like Ferrari as your first option to choose when you want to rent a luxury car. This particular luxury car will be able to provide you many various options to choose, which can be ranging from the classic Ferrari to Ferrari Spider. All of those cars are the best vehicle that can offer you the different and fascinating driving experience. So, it is so much necessary for you to choose one of them that can suit your requirements in a great way. However, when you decide to rent a Ferrari car, you also have to notice the condition and the performance of the car really well. It does not matter whether the car is old or new, it is so much important for you to ensure that the luxury car you have chosen can run well. So then, the travelling event that you do will never get ruined because of the bad car that you rent.

The other luxury car that is so recommended for you to rent is the Lamborghini. This famous Italian luxury car will be able to be the awesome vehicle to make your travelling event become so wonderful. It is because this specific car is available for you in many variants that you will definitely love so much. All of them have been created to have the sporty and elegant designs that you can find on many other luxury cars. Aside of that, the Lamborghini cars also featured with numerous sophisticated features such as adjustable seats, great entertainment center, notable audio system, and so on. Then, all of the great features applied on the car will definitely give you some amazing conveniences that can make your driving experience more incredible.

In addition, whatever the luxury car that you choose to complement you special trip, you have to make sure that you choose the trusted luxury car rental in town. Even, it will be better for you if the car rental that you choose can also offer you some great bonuses such as the competitive prices, the more free miles, delivery and pickup service, and so on. So then, you can get some additional advantages when you rent a luxury car.

Want to Rent a Car in Dubai? Here we are

limousine dubai airport

Do you have any hobby to do in your leisure time? What is your hobby? Well, I believe that everyone has their own hobby to do when they are in their leisure time. Hobby is something that we love to do and we will do it with full of happiness when we are in our free time. There are many kinds of hobbies that we love to do when we are in our leisure time and we need to determine what kind of hobby that we love to do. Traveling can be such a great hobby that you can choose. You need the luxury car rental for that.

If you are such a person who likes to have the exploration activity, I believe that you will like to do travelling when you have the holiday. Who do not want to travel to the new place in our life? Of course, everyone wants to do that so. If you have a lot of money, why do not you try to visit Dubai for your travelling time? You will enjoy the best time in Dubai and you can find out many interesting places to be explored. When you are in Dubai, make sure that you have planned all of the accommodation so that you will feel so happy when you are in your vacation. You need to rent a car barsha.

Talking about accommodation, you do not need to be worried since in Dubai, there are many kinds rent cars that you can choose for your accommodation. You can choose limousine dubai airport if you want to use limousine for your car. Besides, you can also choose rent ferrari dubai if you want to use Ferrari for your car. In addition, choosing the luxury car  can be the best option to do when you want to have the best vacation time. You will have the great holiday with the luxury car rental. Good luck for choosing the best accommodation for your holiday!

New Civic coupe

New Civic coupe front

In Los Angeles Honda company tore the veil from the long awaited Civic Coupe. The production car is only slightly different from the acclaimed acid green concept car and got a turbocharged engine, just like sedan version.

Coupe as part of the tenth generation model line just right to be considered one of the most radical and unusual “Civic” in history. Firstly, the car is beautiful and looks almost like a concept car that was shown earlier this year at the New York Auto Show. The keep the body panels design and even little things such as frown-like headlights and “boomerang” taillights.

Secondly, coupe, sedan similar to the new generation has grown significantly in size with respect to its predecessor. The wheelbase has increased by about 2.9 inches (74 mm), the front overhang is shortened by 1.3 inch (35 mm), and the car width is increased in 1.8 in (48 mm). Coupe is lower than sedan in 1 inch (25 mm) and shorter in 5.4 inches (139 mm). Remind that the current four-door 2016 Honda Civic has turned out quite a rather big by the standards of compact size class. Its nose and tail are separated 182,2 in (4630 mm) wheelbase is 106,2 inch (2700 mm), width – 70,7 in (1798 mm), and height – 55,7 in (1415 mm). Rear seat passengers of coupe will enjoy the spaciousness: stock legroom has increased by more than 5 inches (127 mm)!

Thirdly, Civic is equipped with new engines, including – for the first time in the history of the model! – Including 1.5-liter “turbofour” with direct fuel injection producing 174 hp and 162 ft lb (220 Nm), 31 hp and 33 ft lb closes out the old naturally-aspirated 1.8-liter. Fans of naturally aspirated engines is addressed to the unit volume of 2.0 liter with 158 hp and 137 ft lb (187 Nm). For the baseline equipment of this “quartet” provided a 6-speed manual gearbox, while the other versions, including versions with “one and five” equipped with CVT.

Acura MDX vs Hyundai Santa Fe

2017-Acura-MDXThe selection of the cars which you will use in the coming period is very difficult. In fact, every year tens and hundreds of new models appears to the market. For the year 2016 are already announced over 200 new or redesigned vehicles. It is very difficult to find what suits you in so many models. In order to make a quality choice, it is necessary to compare many models of the same category. This process consume, of course, a lot of time, which most of us simply don’t have. Again, there are people who do not have such luck to buying new models, because they live in less developed countries. For this category of customers choice is much easier, because the purchase of the used models that are already known is easier task. They already knew which models have proved to be better, and which one are very bad. Today I will compare two models that are very attractive and very similar. The first model is 2017 Acura MDX, redesigned luxury model. The second vehicle is a Hyundai Santa Fe, redesigned 2017 version. As is known, the models that are labeled, for example for 2017, often arise during the previous year. So, the both of these models will appear for the sale in mid-2016. Therefore, it is interesting now to read what’s new in these models. Factories receive orders for new models even a few months earlier, so a quality information will mean a lot to people that are interested.


First important information is about the engine. Both models have extremely high-quality engines. True, there is something more powerful Acura engine. Namely, the MDX has a strength of over 290 hp, while, on the other side,
Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 has 2 engines. The stronger one has more than 260 hp, and with that power is somehow competitive with Acura. The external appearance of them is surprisingly similar. On the both cars dominate the elegant lines viewed from the front and from the side. The vehicles had a long silhouette, but so as not to spoil the overall experience. The interior is luxuriously equipped. In both vehicles, you can choose a multitude of designs and materials when ordering. The seats are comfortable and well done. For Acura MDX is pretty sure that it will have advanced features while driving. The reason because I know this is the fact that the new model will not differ much from the 2015 model year.

Very interesting piece of information we get when we consider fuel consumption. Both models have almost the same gas mileage!!! Both vehicles are spending while driving the highway about 27 mpg.
The only significant difference is the price. When this parameter we take for consideration, we find that Acura is expensive as much as $ 12,000. Decide for yourself whether it is worth to give so much money for almost the same vehicle. One might even say that one of the companies copied the design of another, but of course nobody will be with certainty sure.
What I could from my side is to recommend a second car. Despite lower motor and slightly inferior equipment, if you buy Santa Fe, you will achieve huge savings, and you will get a car of the same design.

Rent a Car in Europe

Rent a Car in EuropeABC Rent a Car Tours is located on ‘VojvodaVasilAdzilarski’ Str. No.2, Hotel “Holiday Inn”, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

ABC Rent a Car Tours” is one of the most successful and one of the best rent a car companies in Macedonia, with 40 vehicles at your disposal.

Our company has been successfully collaborating with all Government institutions for accommodation and transportation of exclusive VIP guests and foreign delegation. Our company also offers organized hotel accommodation, transport and other services to the staff and members of foreign delegation.

  • ABC Rent a Car Tours” is at your disposal for organizing trips, advising and giving any type of information
  • We also obtain visas, travel documents and all other documents you need to travel abroad
  • We’re experienced at organizing sport, health and tourism congresses. We were the organizers of the “Advanced dentistry, challenges and solutions” congress held in Ohrid.
  • Our company also offers official assistance and escort on your arrival and departure.
  • You can reserve and buy tickets for all kinds of congresses through our company. We offer museum, fairs and reception tickets.

We have a successful collaboration with the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, the Office of the Prime Minister and the President, The Ministry of Foreign and Internal affairs, the Ministry of Defense and other agencies.
We’re the go-to company for many foreign embassies and consulates in Skopje. Some of our clients are: the Embassy of Israel, the Embassy of Germany, the Embassy of the United Stated of America, the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia, the Embassy of Croatia and the Embassy of Greece.

Besides the successful car-renting business, our company also has licence”A”, licence to organize arrangements outside the territory of Republic of Macedonia.
Our company also has a souvenir shop where you can find so many interesting souvenirs, the original “Ohrid pearls” etc. The souvenir shop is located opposite the reception desk of the Holiday Inn Hotel.

ABC Rent a Car Tours” is located within the premises of hotel “Holiday Inn” in Skopje. We are technically and professionally prepared to help our clients and to make you a happy customer.

Here’s a short review of the activities we have participated in.

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