4 Remarkable Tips of Assessing the Condition of A Used Car

Are you planning to buy a used car? Are you nervous or worried about buying a car that turns out to be a lemon?  Maybe you have a friend with a terrible story about their junker sold to them by an overly aggressive salespeople.

Here are 4 Tips to help take some of the mystery out of buying a used car and eliminate some of that stress.  Before we get started, here is the good news; there area a lot of good used cars out there and not all used car dealers are like you see in the movies.

Simply Follow these tips:

  1.        Research Used Car Dealership in Your Area

While you might want to run right out and start driving cars at any old lot, it is probably a good idea to research the reputable dealers in your area first. Start by asking for referrals from friends or relatives.  Next do some research online by checking reviews, reading their websites, or asking your contacts on social media for help.

  1.        Find out the vehicle history

After finding the car of your choice, don’t forget that history is relevant. What are the service records? What about the ownership? If that car had multiple owners in a short time, that could be a red flag or at least warrant more questions from the current seller. You never know why people are selling a car, but asking questions is always a good idea.

  1.         Inspect the car during the daylight

Did you know that it is wise to check a car during the day? Some matters such as parts that were repainted can be seen well during the daytime. You might also notice other damaged parts during the day more easily than during the night.

Visually check the fluid levels, date of the battery, wiring condition, muffler, tires, etc. If you are not mechanical, it is wise to have a reliable auto mechanic perform a pre-purchase check of the primary systems and overall condition of a car.  Keep in mind, most used cars normally has some small issues.  You need get informed and then decide on which ones you can live with and which might be a deal breaker.

  1. Remember to check the legal records for the car

Records about the car could shed even more light about the car. Check the current vehicle registration for accuracy with the owners name, address, VIN, etc. Review the current title and make sure it matches the registration, that there are no leans and take notice of the date of ownership.  Usually these documents will be in-order when working with a dealership, but if you are purchasing from a private individual, these are very important items to review.


The above tips might be simple but could save you from many problems down the road. Despite the unknown and fear of buying a lemon, there is hope in finding a top-notch quality car by following the above tips.

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