Why GPUs are Crucial in Major Commercial Airports

Summary: The driving technology behind ground power units is what’s accelerating today’s aviation power source.

Written by: Start Pac

Airplanes are truly feats of wonder. The amount of power that it uses to lift hundreds of passengers into the air is almost a surreal thought. Now, power supply in terms of the turbine starting process, does come at a cost. An APU needs to be correctly configured to match the design of the aircraft. This way, it can supply endless amounts of power throughout the plane and still keep it running at maximum efficiency.

The Use of GPUs

GPUs are often fixed within an airport, or carried on a trolley, to supply a steady electric current to the plane so the APU doesn’t have to continue hauling the majority of the workload. Now, the ground power unit itself can either run on its own generator or can circulate all the way back to a central power source.

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The Pivotal Role of GPUs

As stated above, GPUs play a role in providing an aircraft power, without directly affecting the flow of electricity. Essentially, you can consider it as an external APU system that functions almost entirely the same, depending on the model of course. They play a crucial role in major airports and can give a plane’s APU the break it needs after a long flight. Even in smaller airports, GPUs are often used to ease the pressure off of a plane’s power source.