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Is All Automotive Glass the Same?

Perhaps the biggest untruth concerning automotive glass is that it is all the same. There are different types of glass with different levels of quality that serve different purposes in your auto. Quality auto glass repair and replacement companies like Van Isle Auto Glass in Victoria can provide good insight on your options and the high quality auto glass products they use. In the meantime, here is a look a different types and qualities of auto glass.

When your car was new, the glass in it was provided by the car company. This type of glass is commonly referred to as O.E.M. or original equipment manufacturer. This glass is of the highest quality and is made to last the lifetime of your vehicle. It is also very expensive if you ever have to replace it.

Then there is Original Equipment Equivalent glass O.E.E. that is sometimes manufactured by many of the same auto glass manufacturers that compete for the OEM auto glass contracts. They create glass for autos that is the same standard as OEM glass except for the price. These auto glass manufacturers invest millions of dollars in research and development, use the same resources, and experts that produce their OEM auto glass for contracts to build their OEE aftermarket auto glass windows.

You have to be careful though because not all OEE glass is created equal and some of it is much better than others. So the key is to look for the reputable manufacturers of OEE glass and not the ones just trying to make a quick buck at the consumer’s expense. Some of the best OEE glass manufacturers are: Carlite, Pilkington (LOF), Guardian, Mopar, ApTech, Carlex, and Sekurit. Many of these companies are OEM brands but are also considered “aftermarket” when their glass is installed in a brand of car that didn’t originally use that brand at the factory. But the quality is still OEM quality.

What Type of Glass Do You Have in Your Car?

All auto glass sold in today’s market is Safety glass. The main difference lies in whether the glass is laminated or tempered. Both types are created with safety in mind, but they are manufactured in very different ways.

Tempered Glass: Is used primarily for side window glass and rear windshield glass, when it breaks, tempered glass shatters into many very small pieces with blunt edges. This makes it much safer than annealed glass which breaks into long sharp shards that can cause serious injury.
Laminated Glass: A layer of plastic (PVB) is sandwiched between two sheets of float glass. This layer of plastic bonds the glass together, so that if it breaks on impact, the shards remain stuck together instead of shattering. That’s why laminated glass is used in places where the possibility of injury during accidents is high, like the front windscreen. High-end automobiles also use it for side and rear windshield glass.

Solar Control Glass and Infrared-Cut Glass: Are laminated types of glass manufactured to minimize heat coming into the car. They each have the following characteristics:
·        Reduce the solar energy entering the car
·        Minimize the rise of interior temperatures
·        Reduce the load on the air-conditioning, thereby reducing fuel consumption
·        Reduce cool-down time after sun-soaked conditions
·        Reduce skin irritation caused by sunlight

Take the time to research your options with the information above in mind, then work with a reputable glass dealer like Van Isle Auto Glass in Victoria to find a quality brand of glass at a reasonable price.