The Cheapest Cars to Repair and Insure in the UK

Almost everyone is interested in paying less for auto insurance. There are some things that drivers simply can’t do anything about, like their age, but having the right type of car can actually be a money saving double whammy. Remember that insurers calculate your premiums based on how risky and expensive they think you’re going to be for them, so cars with lower repair costs are typically cheaper to insure. And if you are interested in buying replacement car parts online and doing some basic repairs yourself, obviously a vehicle with lower repair costs is going to save you money directly, too.

Now, if you’ve already got your car and won’t be in the market for a new one for the foreseeable future, you’ll just have to make do with what you’ve got and try to save money by doing your own repairs, if possible, and finding other ways to save money on auto insurance. You can always play around with any optional cover your policy has, take on a higher voluntary excess, or get married if you’re single (just kidding).

Without further ado, here are the cheapest cars to repair and insure in the UK.

Top 5 cheapest car models to repair and insure

  1. Toyota Yaris: it’s cheap, safe, and has a very low cost to insure and repair. Being a huge international brand like Toyota makes it easy to get access to spare parts on the cheap. It’s a little small, so it might be a bit cramped if you have to fiddle around with anything under the bonnet, but these cars usually aren’t very complicated.
  2. Kia Rio: a great, inexpensive family car. This is another brand that will have cheap replacement parts that will be fairly easy to find.
  3. Renault Twingo: a super compact yet attractive automobile that is also super affordable. However, if you plan on doing your own car repairs on your Renault, be prepared for a challenge, as European cars tend to pack everything in quite tight and make it hard to access certain components.
  4. Volkswagen Up: like the Twingo, this is an all-around economical option with low costs of repairs and insurance. Being a German brand, though, you’d better be prepared to pull everything apart to get to the part you’re after if you’re trying to fix or replace anything under the bonnet.
  5. Hyundai i10: cheap and high quality, this is a great first car that won’t be cost prohibitive to insure just because a driver is under 25. Plus, Hyundai has been pretty good about organising the engine bay well, making it a fairly easy make for trying DIY repairs.

The good news is, many websites offer great deals on spare car parts even if your vehicle isn’t on this list of the cheapest models to repair and insure.