Utility Vehicles for Rough Terrain

Farmers and homeowners use UTVs when they need to move feed for cattle or to haul tree limbs from a field. The convenience of a UTV has encouraged many homeowners to use a UTV instead of pushing a wheelbarrow or attaching a wheeled cart to a riding lawnmower when they want to move bushes to the spot on a lot where the bushes will be planted. A small UTV can be used to haul heavier loads than a riding lawnmower.

Rough Terrain

You can use a UTV on fields and on the undeveloped acres that are near woodlands. The UTV could get stuck in the mud and could slide down an incline. The uneven ground surface can damage the vehicle because the wheels will be jerked by the low and high points. You could be injured if the UTV rolls over when you are turning the wheels or trying to haul a heavy load up an incline.

Ground Clearance

UTVs have a larger ground clearance than traditional vehicles such as coupes. Some homeowners use full-size trucks with four-wheel drive to haul supplies on a lot. Those trucks are designed for adverse driving conditions on pavement. The UTVs have special features for better handling on rough terrain. The larger ground clearance is used to prevent damage from large, jagged rocks on a field or from the changes in the contours of the ground surface.

UTV Trailers

Small trailers can be attached to a UTV, which will permit you to haul loads. The key factor for a load is the weight. If you try to pull a heavy load, you could damage the UTV or the trailer. There are several different kinds of UTV hitches such as the hitches from Side By Side Stuff, which can be used for heavy or for lightweight loads. You should read the information about the specifications for the hitches before you choose one for your UTV.


The tires on the vehicles are usually very large and have deep tread. The design of the tread is important because mud and debris could fill the spaces that are between the rows of tread. The surface of the tire would be almost smooth, which could cause the tire to spin without traction. The deep tread is used to improve the handling features for a UTV, which could have three, four or six tires.