Buying a New Car – What Are the Benefits and When to Buy One?

While buying a new or pre-owned car, you need to consider a lot of things. Buying pre-owned car can save significantly. However, investing in a new one outweighs the savings of purchasing a pre-owned one.

Buying a New Car - What Are the Benefits and When to Buy One

Benefits of buying new car

Full warranty

On new Toyota cars buyers get full warranty against certain issues for specific time period. Warranty reduces the possibilities of high maintenance in the first 2 years of ownership. Understand the precise warranty details before you purchase the Toyota.

Better finance rates

New car will certainly get best loan rates from banks rather than used car. New cars are more worthy and provide better collateral. There is less possibility of breakdown because if car is not drivable, car owners stop making payments.

Ownership & maintenance history

You do not have to worry about the way car has been treated for example, whether it has an accident history, was well-maintained or driven roughly. Insurance company reports buyers about accident history, but do not convey previous driver’s habits or about performing regular maintenance.

Freedom of choice

Buying new Toyota enables you to select the model, trim, color, accessories and more. If the dealer you visit does not have the desired aspect then you can go to another dealer. However, at pre-owner car dealers, you need to select from whatever is available.

Thus you can see buying new Toyota car is a good idea but you can even benefit more to select the best time to buy.

Tips to save thousands

When to purchase new cars?

Some dealers provide real bargains in February & August because sales are slow as buyers wait for new number plates, which come in March & September. However, you will have to get satisfied with old number plates. It will make the car seem old than it actually is.

Towards the end of December & June, car dealers are very keen to reach their quarterly sales target, so they offer a good deal. If you wish to buy convertibles for summer then the best bargains can be attained in winter. On weekdays, the showrooms are quiet, so drop on Friday’s. The dealer will be eager to fulfill their weekly target. If you are lucky you can get Toyota coupons and save significant cash on repair or maintenance.

If you desire to buy a new model then wait couple of months, after the launch. Till then the showroom buzz will lessen, so dealers will provide some good perks.

When to buy pre-owned cars?

March & September are peak months for buying new cars, basically through exchange deals, so you get good deals on pre-owned cars.

In July & early August, dealers are eager to clear used car collection and prepare for new models & registration plate changes in September.

Buy 4-wheel drive cars in summer because demand escalates in late autumn & winter, due to poor weather.

To get a good deal on a new or pre-owned car, it is wise to learn the art of negotiation. Make sure to keep your eyes on the calendar and thus take advantage of the seasonal aspects that impact car trade.