Simulated racing VS real life racing: Why is simulated racing proving so popular?

Simulated racing VS real life racingFor years, when it came to experience days out, track days, rally experience days, and other real life racing events and activities were the number one choice amongst motor racing aficionados all over the country. However, whilst still very popular, recent surveys and studies have found that simulated racing events and experiences are rapidly growing in popularity and could soon become the experience day out of choice for keen motorsport lovers.

With sim racing, you can experience what it is truly like to be behind the wheel of powerful Formula one racing cars, without actually endangering their lives and the lives of others by driving them for real. The simulators are state of the art, the equipment and accessories are of the finest quality, and the staff members are helpful, experienced, friendly, and highly knowledgeable in their respected fields. Here’s a look at a few reasons why simulated racing is proving so popular.

Sim Racing is Safe

As far as simulated racing VS real life racing is concerned, as simulated racing offers customers the chance to experience how it truly feels to drive a formula one racing car, safety is obviously the most important concern. Formula 1 racing cars are more like jet planes than racing cars, and they make Ferraris and Lamborghinis look like go-karts. Allowing members of the general public behind the wheel of real life formula 1 vehicles with no training or experience under their belts would be extremely foolish and highly dangerous. For years, many F1 fans had resigned themselves to the fact that they would probably never truly experience what it would be like to drive a real F1 car as it was considered too dangerous. F1 simulators however, provide life-like simulations of exactly how it feels to drive these amazing pieces of machinery, without any of the dangers or risks associated with them.

Racing Cars is Really Enjoyable

With real life racing events such as track days, again, due to safety concerns, not to mention the financial worries, racers don’t compete against each other in real races. They instead drive around the course with the person recording the fastest lap being declared the winner. Whilst still enjoyable, it isn’t as enjoyable as competing in a real race against your friends. Racing simulators allow users to climb into the simulators and then race against each other in a simulated environment. This is far more enjoyable as it really brings out people’s competitive sides. Imagine how great it would feel to cut inside your friend at the last corner before the finishing line, knocking him off course allowing you to steam ahead and take 1st place on the last lap.

Great Value for Mobey

As mentioned, F1 racing cars are incredibly expensive, and cost millions upon millions of pounds for just one, so naturally allowing inexperienced drivers behind the wheel is just asking for trouble with even the slightest of bumps costing thousands to repair.

On track days, as racers are driving supercars worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, when these vehicles do suffer damage, whether cosmetic or mechanical, it still costs a lot of money to fix these problems. With racing simulators, if you do crash in your race, the actual simulator itself remains perfectly fine as they’re incapable of suffering cosmetic or mechanical damage. Simply put, similar racing drivers can drive as recklessly as possible and the machines won’t suffer in the slightest.