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Details About Full Motorcycle Training

You should consider your options carefully, before registering on the full motorcyle training course. Undoubtedly, you will want to consider the course length, what the modules consist of and the cost of your motorbike license. Although most other training centers impose a license charge of as much as £800 (along with an inflexible speed learning course), we at Motoden operate somewhat differently. We permit our customers to finish their motorbike training on a ‘pay as you learn’ basis. This enables them to carry on with their lives, rather than putting everything on hold.

The motorbike training course we offer starts with CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), similar to other training centers. You have to pay a £130 sign on charge during weekdays, or £140 during weekends. This charge covers everything needed for you to finish the training module. Remember that CBT requires a complete day of your uninterrupted attention. Bear in mind the below information, with regards to CBT:

â—�Basic understanding of how to ride a motorbike is required
â—�Each parts of the UK license is needed to finish CBT (photo card and paper counterpart)
â—�Geared bikes are best for doing CBT (this enables you to ride geared or automatic bikes subsequently)

The next stage of full motorbike training is to arrange a theory exam at your local DSA facility. Go to the DSA site ( to facilitate the booking procedure. The best method to get ready for the exam is to look for mock exams on the Internet. There are numerous sites that provide free practice exams. Try to do as many exams as possible. This way, you are less likely to make mistakes in the real test.

After you have finished your CBT course and theory exam, you can contact Motoden to book a couple of days of motorbike training. Training costs £300 and there are three different options available. Needless to say, it is wise to pick the training option that suits your travel requirements for the foreseeable future. The different options for training are:

â—�The A1 license
– automatic 125 cc scooters
– seventeen years old is the minimum age
– limited to 125 cc scooters only
– allowed to carry passengers
– allowed to take ‘L plates’ off

â—�The Staged Access
– 125 cc geared motorbikes
– Seventeen year olds who pass the exam can advance to 400 cc when they turn nineteen, and 600 cc when they turn twenty-one
– restricted to whatever exam you have finished most recently
– allowed to carry passengers
– allowed to take ‘L plates’ off

â—�The Direct Access
– twenty-four years old is the minimum age
– allowed to take 600 cc exam directly
– allowed to ride any motorbike of your choosing
We also do Das training. Call us today