How to Become an Owner Operator Truck Driver

For adventurous people, being a trucker is one of the best careers that they can pursue. Navigating through the states from coast to coast is a unique adventure and excitement that only a trucker can enjoy. There are various types of trucking job, but owner operator trucking jobs are often considered the most convenient and exciting due to their complete flexibility. Being an owner operator trucker means you operate your own rig to transport your clients’ goods. This job is considered flexible as you are not forced to abide by strict job schedule. As an owner and operator of your own truck, you are free to choose what kind of goods to haul and when to haul them.

In order to be an owner-operator truck driver, there are three essential things that you need: a license, trucking experience, and obviously a truck. A license that gives you legal authority to drive a commercial truck is provided by the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV). Consult this agency to find out about all tests and exams that you have to pass in order to get the license. After you get the license, you need to build your trucking experience. Being an operator who works for a trucking company is the most logical way to get such experience. Being an operator means you have to abide by your employer’s rules and schedules. You can get your freedom only after you own your own truck.

Getting a truck is not as difficult as you may imagine. If you have enough saving to get a new or used truck, you can buy it right away. If you don’t have enough money to buy the truck, you can rely on your credit history. If you have good credit history and score, it should not be difficult for you to get loan to get a truck. Once you get your rig, you can start working either as an independent driver or as a partner for a carrier company that provides you with the jobs.