The smartest and fastest car diagnosis device is here:

The smartest and fastest car diagnosis device

There are many smart automotive diagnosis system has been produced by the Autel people. But their latest entrant to the field Maxisys Elite Price is just wonderful. This highly smart diagnostic tool runs on Android operating system with superfast booting and an awesome interactive platform for the user.

This diagnostic device is powered by the world’s fastest mobile processor, the NVIDIA Tegra 4 which offers truly unmatched speed. The super sensitive capacitive touch screen is 9.7” in size featuring retina display with ultra high resolution of 2048 x 1536 on offer. The screen can respond to even moistened and greasy fingers of the mechanics. This device performs every job in double quick time than any of its competition like jobs ranging from comprehensive vehicle diagnostics and analysis to advanced ECU programming.

This powerful and high speed diagnostic device is a perfect mobile device. This little powerhouse is laced with the most advanced Bluetooth technology which uses Ver. 2.1 3 Mbps Bluetooth. Also the 802.11 ac Wi-Fi enables the device to perform fast and seamlessly, while this wireless features also helps in availing remote support whenever the need arises. To further help the users, the cloud data available with the MaxiFix platform allows the users to use it and let them work with greater freedom than ever before.

The device comes with the extensive system which covers more than 80 US domestic, European and Asian models of cars. Exceptional OE level functionality from comprehensive On Board Diagnostic and services are offered with excellent interactive software and an amazing user interface. The android OS gets automatic push message and notifications via internet about any software update which makes the updates made faster. Real time data recording in charts, graphs and the on demand playback of those recorded data at anytime makes the fault finding accurate and easy.

This wonderful device with high end hardware and highly multitasking software is designed to be ideal for managing workshop operation, to make the data collection and recording automatic while dealing with an extensive array of information. This takes the workshop automation to many steps forward for sure.