3 Circumstances Where You Can Make an Auto Accident Claim

3 Circumstances Where You Can Make an Auto Accident Claim

Sometimes it is very clear who is in the wrong following an auto accident. You understand that the accident was not your fault, and that it was caused by someone else – nothing is in dispute and you go ahead and make a claim for car accident personal injury. But often the circumstances are not as clear cut. In some cases you may not be certain whether you have the grounds to make a claim. Here are some of the cases – and what you should do in each circumstance.

1. When the Other Party Does Not Accept Blame

What happens if you are sure you were not in the wrong, but the other party in the accident is equally sure they were not to blame? This happens a lot because in most cases, the circumstances of an accident are not clear cut. People think an incident happened in a different way, or they may be deliberately saying something contrary to what actually happened. This makes it more complicated when you want to pursue a claim for compensation, says http://shireslaw.com. But it doesn’t mean you cannot pursue a claim. An experienced solicitor will be able to sort through the different opinions and facts and tell you if you have a case that is worth taking to court.

You can still take the case to court if the other party says they were not negligent. In this case, the court will decide who is telling the truth – your solicitor will prepare your case so you are in the best position to receive compensation. In the circumstance where the other party denies blame, do not be dissuaded from seeking your compensation if you have a case to make. An experienced solicitor such as a personal injury lawyer from http://shireslaw.com will be able to advise on the right path to take.

2. When You Are a Passenger

It is a myth that the only people able to seek compensation for injuries in a road accident are the driver or the owner of the vehicle. If the accident wasn’t your fault and you were the passenger, you can claim compensation. In these circumstances you could be entitled to a payout – for example if you were injured in a car being driven by someone else, or if you were injured when the driver of the car you were in caused an accident. The basic premise that needs to be met is you were a passenger, you were injured, and someone else caused the accident.

3. When the Road Causes an Accident

You may be able to claim against the local council if the accident was the result of a badly repaired road, an obstruction in the road, or a problem that the council should have fixed. Negligence doesn’t have to be on the part of another driver, it could be the fault of the people tasked with keeping the road safe.