What should you have in the trunk of your car?

Surely, every motorist, without hesitation, will be able to say what are the three things that every driver should always have in the trunk of their car. Often, these things are a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and a spare wheel. However, in reality, this list should be much more extensive. Experienced drivers who have the experience of more than 10 years of driving will be able to name a dozen more things that need to be in the trunk. And since that list is quite extensive, many people opt for SUVs or crossovers and purchase Jeep Cherokee or Volvo CX90 to be prepared for what might come.

Every car must have a first aid kit, and it must have all the necessary tools and drugs for first aid. A first aid kit must have tourniquets, wipes, Band-Aids, sterile gloves, bandages, and all those things that can stop bleeding in general.

When driving, everything can happen, although the most common nuisance is a flat tire, which might result in wheels being damaged. In this case, a spare tire is not a luxury item but a necessity. We can say that a spare tire is an indispensable tool, especially when it comes to long journeys. In addition, there should be a jack and a wheel wrench in the trunk of your car.

A warning triangle and a fire extinguisher are the items that should be present in every car. The traffic police have the right to verify the presence of these two most important safety tools. In case you do not have them, you will get an administrative fine. If you do not have a fire extinguisher and a warning triangle, you will not be able to pass a technical inspection either.

With the help of a manometer, you can check the pressure level in tires. It is important because if you systematically check the pressure of your tires, you can significantly increase the life span of the tires, which, naturally, will have a positive impact on your pocket. Experienced motorists also recommend you have a tow rope with you. Some roads are not as good, so sometimes you might be trapped and in this case, you could use a tow rope.

Those motorists who frequently travel along suburban routes in the wintertime should have a blowtorch, which can help you a lot in case of a vehicle breakdown by saving you from cold until the arrival of help.

A car pump plays a pretty important role. Today there are many kinds of pumps, so everyone can find a suitable one for themselves.

Naturally, there are a lot more different items that can help on the road: a flashlight, a map of local roads, fuel cans, cleaning brush, etc. The final list is made by the driver themselves, based on their own mistakes, experiences and again the size of their car. If you have, say, a Nissan Murano then you are probably good, but if you drive a Smart or some other small car, then be ready for the fact that you will have to compromize a lot.