The Rise of Exotic Car Rentals

Most of us will never get to know what it’s like to own a luxury sports car like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, or an exclusive vehicle like a Rolls Royce. With price tags well into the six figures, these types of exotic cars are out of reach for most of us mere mortals.


But that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the thrill of getting behind the wheel of one of these ultimate luxury machines and getting a taste of the good life – if only for a little while.

Even the manufacturers of these high-priced cars are starting to realize that there’s a market for their vehicles that goes beyond the relatively small number of tech billionaires, sports stars, movie stars and other ultra-rich people who can afford them.

This realization has given rise to a fast-growing new industry:  Exotic car rentals.

Luxury Within Reach

Businesses that offer a variety of souped-up, super-high priced cars for rent by the day or even by the hour are popping up in places like Las Vegas, Miami Beach, Hollywood, and Manhattan. That’s because these are the places people go to live out their wildest fantasies.

They also are places where appearances matter. So when you need other people to be impressed by who you are, rolling up in a high-priced luxury car such as a Bentley or Testarossa is often all it takes to get the job done.

Exotic car rental businesses serve a very specific need in today’s new economy, where it’s important for people to make a positive first impression on others – for business, social or romantic reasons – and who are willing to pay for the privilege.

Live the Dream

There are a lot of different types of people who rent cars from exotic car rental agencies. One of the most common are people who have always wanted to drive one these high-class, high-performance driving machines but who will never have the opportunity to own one themselves.

Exotic car rental businesses put this dream within the reach of anybody. At prices that are affordable to most people, driving one of the most expensive and impressive vehicles ever produced is a real possibility. It’s a thrill that you will never forget and can talk about for the rest of your life.

Enhance Your Professional Reputation

Another type of person who frequently uses these businesses are those who need to make a big impression for business reasons.

Pulling up in a luxury car instantly transmits the message of success. People who are looking to make an investment in a business, or partner with somebody else in a new venture want to be assured that the other person is already successful. And when you pull up in front of the restaurant or hotel where you are meeting them in a high-priced sports car, casually toss the keys to valet and greet them with a warm smile and a firm handshake, that’ usually all it takes to win their confidence forever.

Impress Others

Exotic car rentals are an easy way to make a big impression. That’s one of the reasons they are so popular in places like Las Vegas and Miami Beach, where your reputation is everything.

Pull up to a first-class Vegas casino in a Rolls Royce or Lamborghini and you will instantly get the attention of the people who matter. You will be treated royally and may not have to pay for a thing during the rest of your stay.

Similarly, when you drive up in front of the hottest nightclub in Miami Beach in a Testarossa or another ultimate driving machine, you can be assured that you won’t have to wait behind any velvet ropes. Instead, you likely will be escorted directly inside and brought to the most exclusive VIP suites, where you can socialize with celebrities, sports stars and more people who are in your “class”.

Increase Your Sex Appeal

Driving a car that costs more than most people’s houses will also get the attention of potential romantic partners. If you want to catch the eye of the hottest people, you need to drive the hottest cars. Cut through the small talk and get right to the action after you raise eyebrows of the best-looking people in town.

Make the Most of Your Vacation Time

You work hard all year long just so you can enjoy a few weeks of relaxing vacation time. So the last thing you want to do is to cut corners. Instead, make the most of your vacation time by living large and renting an exotic luxury car for at least part of your time in paradise.

One of the most important things about enjoying your vacation is creating lifelong memories you will always cherish. And what better memories are there than living in the lap of luxury and literally partying like a rock star.

By renting an exotic luxury car, you can transform your simple vacation into something much, much bigger: A life transforming event.

Live Large All the Time

One of the best things about living in the USA is that you can be anybody you want to be. You control your own destiny, so if you want other people to believe that you are among the upper class elite of super rich who drive around in unbelievably expensive luxury cars, exotic luxury car rentals can help you create this image at prices practically anybody can afford.

Use for Social Media Accounts

When you rent your exotic luxury vehicle, don’t forget to take plenty of pictures and post them to your social media accounts. That way the folks back home can know that you are living large and making the most of your vacation time.  You may even return home to discover that you’ve become something of a local folk hero.

You only live once. So make the most of your time by living large and renting an exotic luxury car that puts you in the fast lane to success!

Author Bio – This article is written by Gregory Parker on behalf of Diplomat Exotic Rentals serving high-class luxury and exotic-car enthusiasts diligently for the last 10 years.