4 tips on buying used cars online

4 tips on buying used cars online

Nowadays there are many websites selling new and used cars online. It has made the buying process of used cars much easier. However as the business is conducted online there might be some chances of getting cheated. So here are some useful tips to follow when buying a used car online.

A good seller “bares-it-all”

The first thing to check in any listing is that the car owner has listed all the relevant information on the internet like year of make, model name, kilometers run, mileage and chassis number. Several pictures from different angles (front, rear, sides etc.) further establish the fact that the seller is genuine and serious.

Websites reputation

As ecommerce has been a very common business nowadays there are dozens of new ecommerce websites built every day. However among them many sites are run by individuals who don’t have any brand to care about. They just want to cash on the present opportunities of the market and will disappear after earning some quick cash. So, it is very important for you to check the reputation of websites before comparing the prices. Always go for reputed websites that are successfully operating since several years. Such websites generally don’t go for multiple verification process nor check the authenticity of car owners. In fact if any problem arises in the future, these websites would be least interested to interfere.

However that is not the case with the websites that have been in the operation for several years. Such websites have carved a niche for themselves and will go to lengths for retaining the brand value. These websites check the authenticity of seller, verify his identity and also ascertain that the seller isn’t hiding any vital information. Even in case of future complications, these websites are more than willing to help. So you should always make sure that you are buying a car from a reputed website

More personal communication

If you are buying a car using a website that does not necessarily mean that all the communications should be carried online only. In fact it is recommendable that after an initial mail or 2 rest of the communication should be held over the telephone. Many fraudsters have several email templates ready to respond to your general queries. However if you would talk over the phone. It would be comparatively easier to identify a con job. Over the telephone you can as in-depth questions regarding the vehicle, if the seller seems a bit confused or tries to hide some information, you will already know that he is not the right seller. The key here is that remote communication enables the person to draft the response by highly qualified writer to assure his response seems genuine but when you speak with the person in real time he would not be able to dodge or craft a tricky answer without getting noticed.

Read reviews carefully

Reading reviews and feedbacks of past buyers is very important as that will help you to take an informed and intelligent decision. Here too you need to be very careful as many websites might craft their own reviews and put them over the net. Likewise it is also possible that the competitor have posted false negative reviews to downgrade their competitor. Hence you need to separate real reviews form fake ones and take your decision based on the same. One simple way to separate fake reviews from the real ones is to check the language. Most of the time the fake reviews use the best language skills: right from words to spelling and exclamation marks everything is presented in an excellent manner while real reviews can contain incorrect spelling, omission of escalation marks and also the language may not be refined.