Saving Cash While Getting to See the Country

Sometimes life gets you down and you just need to go away for a bit – and sometimes you just feel like getting away for a bit even if life is treating you just fine. It’s not really a big deal sometimes and you can do a little road trip up the coast or across the desert or wherever, just go get some space from your current life and live a little, expand those horizons, and be the best new you that you can be. So, think again; here are a few tips you can take along with you so that you know you’re going to have a great road trip if you’re itching for a road trip but think you can’t afford it or that it’s not for you.

First, of all, you need the right car for the trip. You don’t want to be in something that is either too uncomfortable or a car that is too hard on gas mileage. These days, a lot of cars are getting to have better and better gas mileage which comes in handy when you’re thinking of doing a long road trip. If you head to the Nissan dealer San Bernardino and look at cars, you’ll see that almost all of them are above 30 for the highways miles, at least all of the ones that are sedans and hatchbacks. This is great news for you – you should feel comfortable to invest in a car like that because it’ll be good for your road trip and also for your daily life thereafter. Start looking for a great car for you and yours at

Next you’re going to want to save your money on the foods that you can easily spend a ton of money on when you’re on a road trip. We’re talking things like water and other snacks – these really add up if you stop at a Love’s or a Pilot every time you’re thirsty or hungry. You may think it’s not a big deal, and it isn’t – at first – but then those $2 waters start being more like $20 worth of water over a few days. That money is much better spend on pretty much anything else, like a local beer at a cool new pub in some town you’ve never been to. If you get yourself to a CostCo or any other wholesale place like that and just load up your back seat of the car with waters and snacks, you’ll be thanking yourself all the way up and down the interstate system. Granola bars are a good choice for sure.