Chevrolet: The Underdog in 2016 Motor Trend Awards


Chevrolet has been known so well as one of the best auto manufacturers that always produce the best vehicle in various different classes which can be ranging from coupes to trucks. This particular fact has been proven when Chevrolet won two awards in the 2016 Motor Trend Awards. On this great awarding event, Chevrolet won the categories of 2016 Truck of the Year and 2016 Car of the Year. It is actually a kind of the great and outstanding achievements the famous American auto manufacturer has reached. So, it is no wonder if in many years to come Chevrolet can be the most wanted car by the people around the world. But, how could this auto car reach the awesome achievement? If you are curious about it, you better keep reading below.

The first of all, Aside of winning the 2016 Truck of the Year, Chevrolet truck had actually won the 2015 Motor Trend Awards for the same category. In other words, the truck of Chevrolet has successfully won the Truck of the Year Award in the last two years in a row. So, there must be something special about the truck that can make it become so fabulous and stand apart from any other trucks in the market. Well, according some experts, one of the most significant factors is the engine of the truck. The Chevrolet Colorado truck has been complemented with a great and powerful engine, which is so much more powerful than the competitors in its class. Besides, the Chevy Colorado has been designed to have the lighter weight and the better agility as well. So then, the truck will be able to offer the greater performance when it is driven no matter the condition of the road is, whether it is bumpy or rowdy.

Furthermore, Chevrolet also won the 2016 Car of the Year with the famous Chevrolet Camaro. Actually, it is a kind of surprising result, because many people think that the Chevrolet Camaro will not be able to compete with the other two competitors. However, now everything seems has changed. Even, one of the judges was also so surprised because the wonderful experience he got after driving the car. He found that the Chevrolet Camaro is able to offer the better and more notable performance that can definitely excite every driver. It is because the Chevy Camaro has the more promising handling and power than BMW as its closest and strongest rivals. Based on this particular reason, do not ever be surprised if this amazing car can be the winner of the 2016 Car of the Year category in the 2016 Motor Trend Awards.

In addition, even though Chevrolet can be defined as the underdog of the show, but it does not mean that it can do nothing to be the unexpected winner and give you a shock. Simply, the surprising achievements that have been reached by Chevrolet are actually something that can make the awarding event become so interesting and exciting in the best way possible.