About Equus Bass 770 Muscle Car

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Muscle car becomes favorite for those who appreciate speeds. Starting from its appearance until recently, you may find there are plenty of models of muscle car from different manufacturers which are being produced. Some easily take its spot for grabbing more attention, while some other are not. Surely, muscle car is not for anyone, however, if you consider muscle as a worth investment for your collection, knowing muscle cars under top ten muscle cars category will assist yo to determine a typical muscle car that deserves your attention. Suppose do you want to know the order, in case you yearn for further information, then Muscle Car Fan will be a good destination on net.

Speak about muscle car, one among those is bass 770 by equus. Let it alone, bass 770 is the first muscle car which ever manufactured by equus. But what makes this muscle car special? Apart from its stunning engine, it provides a distinctive design that makes the muscle car looks more inviting. Though it has coupe design, but this muscle car is capable to accommodate three adults inside. Nevertheless, do you have interest with this muscle car? Looking for equus bass 770 for sale? Before you go somewhere to make a purchase for bass 770, gathering some information about this muscle car will worth it.

For those who are familiar with Mustang GT 1968, at first you will consider that bass 770 resembles with it. However, the two are totally different when you observe the two thoroughly. Made of aluminum and carbon fiber material, under the hood, then you will find V8 6.2L engine for 640hp with 602lb-ft torque. The engine is designed with street-legal use on mind. So then you may not deal with problem once you drive your bass 770 somewhere on road.

This muscle car is also equipped with variable ratio for power steering, traction control, carbon ceramic brake (no fade), and suspension control system which is known as Magnetic Selective Ride. Step inside into its cabin, you will be welcomed with leather seats, tire pressure monitor, GPS  navigation, equipped stereo, cruise control and many other. When it comes to safety, then it is included both side air bags and front airbags. Then, how about the price of this super cool muscle car? Its manufacturer will set $250,000 for the price tag. Deciding to buy this muscle car, you have option to choose kind of finish that you want and the material that upholster the seating area for better look and performance.

Keep in mind for the package option that you choose to build your very own bass 770, it will affects the price of the muscle car. From $250,000, you need to add about another $40,000 to get what you want. Anyway, buying bass 770, you need to wait for some months, and this is for the good reason. Before you get your preference muscle car, bass 770, its manufacturer will first adjust the package that you expect to have for the muscle car.