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About Equus Bass 770 Muscle Car

top ten muscle cars

Muscle car becomes favorite for those who appreciate speeds. Starting from its appearance until recently, you may find there are plenty of models of muscle car from different manufacturers which are being produced. Some easily take its spot for grabbing more attention, while some other are not. Surely, muscle car is not for anyone, however, if you consider muscle as a worth investment for your collection, knowing muscle cars under top ten muscle cars category will assist yo to determine a typical muscle car that deserves your attention. Suppose do you want to know the order, in case you yearn for further information, then Muscle Car Fan will be a good destination on net.

Speak about muscle car, one among those is bass 770 by equus. Let it alone, bass 770 is the first muscle car which ever manufactured by equus. But what makes this muscle car special? Apart from its stunning engine, it provides a distinctive design that makes the muscle car looks more inviting. Though it has coupe design, but this muscle car is capable to accommodate three adults inside. Nevertheless, do you have interest with this muscle car? Looking for equus bass 770 for sale? Before you go somewhere to make a purchase for bass 770, gathering some information about this muscle car will worth it.

For those who are familiar with Mustang GT 1968, at first you will consider that bass 770 resembles with it. However, the two are totally different when you observe the two thoroughly. Made of aluminum and carbon fiber material, under the hood, then you will find V8 6.2L engine for 640hp with 602lb-ft torque. The engine is designed with street-legal use on mind. So then you may not deal with problem once you drive your bass 770 somewhere on road.

This muscle car is also equipped with variable ratio for power steering, traction control, carbon ceramic brake (no fade), and suspension control system which is known as Magnetic Selective Ride. Step inside into its cabin, you will be welcomed with leather seats, tire pressure monitor, GPS  navigation, equipped stereo, cruise control and many other. When it comes to safety, then it is included both side air bags and front airbags. Then, how about the price of this super cool muscle car? Its manufacturer will set $250,000 for the price tag. Deciding to buy this muscle car, you have option to choose kind of finish that you want and the material that upholster the seating area for better look and performance.

Keep in mind for the package option that you choose to build your very own bass 770, it will affects the price of the muscle car. From $250,000, you need to add about another $40,000 to get what you want. Anyway, buying bass 770, you need to wait for some months, and this is for the good reason. Before you get your preference muscle car, bass 770, its manufacturer will first adjust the package that you expect to have for the muscle car.

OFFICIAL 2010+ Chevy Camaro Light Bulb Size Guide

2010-2013 Camaro


2010-2013 Camaro RS Headlights

Headlight (High and Low beam) – H13 or 9008
Headlight with Factory HID – D1S
Fog Light – 5202 or P13W (RS trim)
Front Turn Signal bulb – 3157A
License Plate bulb –
Back Up Light – 5008
Brake Light bulb – 3157
Tail Light Bulb – 3157

2014+ Camaro


2014 Camaro photo via

Headlight Low Beam – H11

Headlight High Beam – H9 (I’ve used H11 in its place with slight trimming)
Headlight with Factory HIDs – D3S
Headlight Z28 – H13 or 9008
Fog Light – P13W or PSX26W
Front Park and Turn Signal Lamp (Except ZL1 and Z28) – T20 or 7550
Front Park and Turn Signal Lamp (ZL1 and Z28) – 3457NA
License Plate bulb – W5WLL
Rear Stop Light – T20 or 7440
Rear Tail Light – 7444LL
Rear Turn Signal Light – W21

The Best Luxury Cars to Rent for Travelling

Ferrari Spider

Renting a luxury car is actually such a very nice idea that you can take, especially when you really want to make your traveling experience become so special. So then, you will not be able to forget it for your whole life. Then, it will be so much better for you to find the right luxury car rental in your town before you have a trip to your favorite places. Besides, the luxury cars can also bring your fabulous and stylish style to the higher level. So, you will definitely find that you and your car can stand apart distinctively from any other travelers. But, what are the best luxury cars that can suit your special trip in the best way possible? Well, here are the best luxury cars that you can choose to be your great vehicle during your travelling event, which you can find out below.

You can make a car like Ferrari as your first option to choose when you want to rent a luxury car. This particular luxury car will be able to provide you many various options to choose, which can be ranging from the classic Ferrari to Ferrari Spider. All of those cars are the best vehicle that can offer you the different and fascinating driving experience. So, it is so much necessary for you to choose one of them that can suit your requirements in a great way. However, when you decide to rent a Ferrari car, you also have to notice the condition and the performance of the car really well. It does not matter whether the car is old or new, it is so much important for you to ensure that the luxury car you have chosen can run well. So then, the travelling event that you do will never get ruined because of the bad car that you rent.

The other luxury car that is so recommended for you to rent is the Lamborghini. This famous Italian luxury car will be able to be the awesome vehicle to make your travelling event become so wonderful. It is because this specific car is available for you in many variants that you will definitely love so much. All of them have been created to have the sporty and elegant designs that you can find on many other luxury cars. Aside of that, the Lamborghini cars also featured with numerous sophisticated features such as adjustable seats, great entertainment center, notable audio system, and so on. Then, all of the great features applied on the car will definitely give you some amazing conveniences that can make your driving experience more incredible.

In addition, whatever the luxury car that you choose to complement you special trip, you have to make sure that you choose the trusted luxury car rental in town. Even, it will be better for you if the car rental that you choose can also offer you some great bonuses such as the competitive prices, the more free miles, delivery and pickup service, and so on. So then, you can get some additional advantages when you rent a luxury car.

Chevrolet: The Underdog in 2016 Motor Trend Awards


Chevrolet has been known so well as one of the best auto manufacturers that always produce the best vehicle in various different classes which can be ranging from coupes to trucks. This particular fact has been proven when Chevrolet won two awards in the 2016 Motor Trend Awards. On this great awarding event, Chevrolet won the categories of 2016 Truck of the Year and 2016 Car of the Year. It is actually a kind of the great and outstanding achievements the famous American auto manufacturer has reached. So, it is no wonder if in many years to come Chevrolet can be the most wanted car by the people around the world. But, how could this auto car reach the awesome achievement? If you are curious about it, you better keep reading below.

The first of all, Aside of winning the 2016 Truck of the Year, Chevrolet truck had actually won the 2015 Motor Trend Awards for the same category. In other words, the truck of Chevrolet has successfully won the Truck of the Year Award in the last two years in a row. So, there must be something special about the truck that can make it become so fabulous and stand apart from any other trucks in the market. Well, according some experts, one of the most significant factors is the engine of the truck. The Chevrolet Colorado truck has been complemented with a great and powerful engine, which is so much more powerful than the competitors in its class. Besides, the Chevy Colorado has been designed to have the lighter weight and the better agility as well. So then, the truck will be able to offer the greater performance when it is driven no matter the condition of the road is, whether it is bumpy or rowdy.

Furthermore, Chevrolet also won the 2016 Car of the Year with the famous Chevrolet Camaro. Actually, it is a kind of surprising result, because many people think that the Chevrolet Camaro will not be able to compete with the other two competitors. However, now everything seems has changed. Even, one of the judges was also so surprised because the wonderful experience he got after driving the car. He found that the Chevrolet Camaro is able to offer the better and more notable performance that can definitely excite every driver. It is because the Chevy Camaro has the more promising handling and power than BMW as its closest and strongest rivals. Based on this particular reason, do not ever be surprised if this amazing car can be the winner of the 2016 Car of the Year category in the 2016 Motor Trend Awards.

In addition, even though Chevrolet can be defined as the underdog of the show, but it does not mean that it can do nothing to be the unexpected winner and give you a shock. Simply, the surprising achievements that have been reached by Chevrolet are actually something that can make the awarding event become so interesting and exciting in the best way possible.

Solution for Drive Axles, CV Boots And U Joints Repair in Downriver Michigan

CV BootsFor best driving experience, you must know that any element of your cubical vehicle should give you its best performance. But oftentimes within years, your car simply can’t meet your expectation. In fact, this is something predictable as without giving any good treatment to your car through peculiar maintenance service to check the condition for each part, you can’t expect more. When it comes to common problem which influence a car performance, then you better check its drive train. Thus, if you suspicious something like inconvenient feeling when driving your as it’s not as smooth as it’s used to, do something about it.

When it comes to drive train problem, it relates to drive axles, cv boots and u joints as all of them relate to each other, mostly for drive axles and cv boots. Not to mention, if you are not sensible about this, it will ruin any part of your car, the worst case, it can cost your own safety while driving the car. You should know that both cv boots and drive axles are typical compartments which work together so then you can drive your car without hassle. If one of those deal with certain problem, then it will affects the other part performance.

Then, if you simply leave it that way, guess what? You don’t need to wait that long, it will continue to ruin another part of your vehicle. Before the power that is transmitted through transmission can move your car, this power is distributed through drive axles/cv axles which are constructed through some joints that somehow can manage the tire part of your vehicle can move. In the way to do its job properly, the joints are protecting by boots which are made either from plastic or rubber.

So, how the two connect to each other? The boot is contained with lubricant material like grease, when its protection crack, the grease that should be inside, it will affect both the joints and the axles. That said, here is a tip for you to identify whether there is something wrong toward your vehicle cv boots or not. At one time you accelerate your car, if you find yourself listen a clicking-like sound, you better suspicious, why? Even though, it is still a probability, but checking you car afterward is recommended.

Then, how about u-joints? Simply like cv boots and drive axles, something like u-joints, you find this mostly on a car with rear wheel drive system. And if you find one which is installed as part the drive train system, pay close attention. This part of drive train has tiny amount of grease which enhance the way it works. If you want to make this one always work properly, you need to steer either debris or dirt away from your u-joints. Some exposures of debris and dirt will your car easily to vibrate anytime you accelerate the engine. Thus, before its too late and ruin any other part of your vehicle for whatever its kind, you need to look for professionals to deal with it.