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5 beginner tips on Photographing cars and vehicles

Photographing cars and vehiclesIf you have ever tried photographing a vehicle, you will know that it is often not as simple as first presumed. Although it can be easy enough to capture a simple and clear shot of the car, its far more challenging to capture the detail, design, and essence of the vehicle in a photograph. To support, here are five easy steps which will confidently lead you through the fundamentals of vehicle photography.

5 beginner tips on Photographing cars and vehicles

Starting out

It all starts with picking the right camera. A good camera to use for car photography is the Nikon D750. This full frame camera by Nikon offers stunning image quality. To pick the right lenses for this camera, make sure you read these detailed lenses for Nikon D750 reviews. Another great camera (that you might find more useful if you’re on a tighter budget), is the Nikon D7100. This is a slightly cheaper model and does not have a full frame sensor. Yet it still takes high quality photos. To find the best lenses for the Nikon D7100, check out this detailed overview.

There are a big range of factors involved in vehicle photography, to the level that there are full books and sites dedicated to it. We would not be capable to cover everything in perfect detail here, but hopefully it will provide you an insight into the globe of vehicle photography and get you begun with the basics, enabling you to begin to explore further.

To begin, you will need a vehicle. Any vehicle will do truly to learn the basics, but job will look more expert and skill if you are working with more stunning subject matter.


So you have got your vehicle, now you need a place. You don’t see many photographic vehicle advertisements in which the vehicle is not set within a remarkable scenic place and bathed with the hot glowing sunlight in the distance. But I assume you will be shooting on a budget, so it will be difficult to match the big scale shoots you see in shiny magazines. Still, there are lots of place options to select from.

You need to make sure that the vehicle is the centre of focus; you don’t want your place to steal away focus from your subject. You want it to improve the attractiveness of the vehicle. Decide whether you want to shoot the vehicle in a natural setting.

A Natural setting

In a natural setting, you could have the vehicle either on the road, in a vehicle park, or on the drive way. Through many of these setting would not include much to your shot and will look quite plain. Consider what type of feel you did like for your shots. If you want a moody and gritty feel, it may be top to head to the top level of a vehicle with views across the city.

Lighting and Camera

Next step is lighting and camera, the important element of every image. Depending on your place and timing, it is best to sue natural light and camera if easy. But don’t forget to read camera backpack reviews for excellent images. I did advised utilishing the golden hours, just during and before sunrise in the morning or in the evening. This way, you will get a remarkable hot side wash of sunlight on your car.


So having set your vehicle in a best place and figured out the lighting and camera. It’s now time to actually begin taking photographs. Hopefully you will know the vehicle quite well know, but it is vital to consider how you want to portray the vehicle, whether there are any specs that you want to highlight and therefore what angles to capture from. For more detail click

Tips on How to Pass Driving Test

Tips on How to Pass Driving Test

Doing driving test is something that you must do when you want to drive your own vehicle in your legal age. Unfortunately, there are several people that feel some difficulties when they want to do the driving test because of many various reasons. Then, in case you are one of them, it is actually so much recommended for you to follow these some tips on how to Pass Driving Test as well as possible. So then, you can pass the test greatly and finally get the driving license that you really want all this time.

  • Doing a lot of practices

    Practice makes perfect. It is so important for you to do a lot of practices when you want to do a driving test. Then, you have to make sure that you take driving practice as often as possible before you go for the test. According to some experts, at least, you have to do the 45 hours of professional driving training and about 25 hours of private practice to pass the driving test successfully. So, in order to help you to do the practice in the easier way, it will be so much better for you to make sure that you feel calm when you do the practice. Even, if it is necessary, you have to feel comfortable with your driving instructor. So then, you can learn what he has taught you optimally. In the end, you will be able to increase your driving skill gradually.

  • Learning from your common faults

    Making mistakes during the driving practice is such a common thing to happen. So, do not ever be afraid of making mistakes during the practicing session. Otherwise, you can learn from the mistakes you have made. In this case, you can actually try to analyze the mistakes you usually do when driving the vehicle. Then, you have to try to work on the usual mistakes by avoiding it every time you do your driving practice. Furthermore, you better also notice some of your bad habits which you commonly do while driving a vehicle, which can be ranging from the bad parking positioning to the inappropriate speed. By doing so, you can make a bigger chance to pass the test well, and you can also be a great driver in the future.

  • Getting prepared well

    The last but not least, you have to make sure that you prepare yourself as well as possible before the driving test. In this case, there are several things that you cannot forget to face the driving test, which can be like the preparation for the theory test, the photo for the driving license, enough sleeping  and good breakfast  before go for the test, and so on. Additionally, if you look for tips to pass the test of driving, you can get it from the trustworthy Automotive blog which you can find easily in the internet. So then, you can find out the best preparations that will make you ready to get through the test in the easy way.

5 Tips You should Remember while Buying a New Car Extended Warranty

The average cost of a new car goes beyond $25,000. After spending so much, owners obviously expect a smooth, hassle-free functioning and longer life for their vehicle. However, many people are seen choosing extended warranty; why? Simply put, they want their investment protected.

Actually an extended warranty is not very different than extended service plans, and is similar in several ways to automobile insurance. You pay money in advance so as to avoid paying a huge amount for an unexpected repair. Here are 5 tips you should remember while choosing an extended warranty for your vehicle.

choosing an extended warranty

1. Consider Your Needs

Most auto manufacturers offer a bumper-to-bumper protection of 3 years/36,000 miles on their new vehicles. Additionally, many of them offer an extended warranty on engine and components. Limited warranty may also be available for certified used cars.

Most of the times, these programs provide excellent protection to buyers. But, if the driving crosses 12,000 miles per year or if you want to keep your car for long, then an additional extended warranty may be a good choice for you.

While buying an extended warranty, you should consider some factors like the repair history of their model. Some models have higher repair incidents than average and in that case, it becomes necessary to buy an extended warranty.

You should also consider the prices of parts. Several home models have overall repair costs half that of foreign models. Therefore, extended warranty should appeal owners of imported cars.

2. From Where to Buy?

Extended warranties can be purchased at three main organizations: manufacturer, dealer of used and new cars, and third party providers, i.e. independent companies. Each of them has his own pros and cons.

Manufacturer:Advantage of buying extended warranty from the manufacturer is you don’t have to haggle for price, components and repair, while its downside is high upfront payment

Dealer: While buying from a dealer, you can cut down on manufacturer’s warranty and service your car at them, but they usually have only one service point and if they are unable to fix your problem, you don’t have any alternative left

Third-party:Buying from a third-party provider saves you around 30 to 50 percent than that of manufacturer’s plans. Their drawback is repair shop coverage may not be consistent.

5 Tips You should Remember while Buying a New Car Extended Warranty

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3. Understand What to Look for

Apart from choosing your provider of extended warranty, there are many other factors to look for. You may get dizzy with the extensive array of features. But if you go prepared, you can easily separate really useful features from the clunkers.

What makes a good plan?

  • Freedom to select independent repair shop or dealer
  • Corporate credit card to pay
  • Transferable warranty
  • Trip-interruption coverage

What makes a bad plan?

  • Many things are excluded
  • with no strong track record
  • Non-transferable warranty
  • You have to pay from your pocket initially
  • Company Pressurization to buy plans

4. Choose a Correct Plan

The priciest upfront option is bumper-to-bumper warranty; but if you desire it for the extensive coverage it offers, you should buy it.

Choosing higher per-repair deductibles can reduce the initial price of the plan; but, if your vehicle is prone to problems, it can be pricey in the long run.

Also you must check whether the plan is transferable and renewable.

So, you should check all the plans and select a really beneficial likethe Swann extended warranty.

5. You Get What You Pay for

This is the ultimate truth of extended warranty. If you go for the cheapest plans available, you are most likely to not getting the coverage you want. However, higher price is always not better too. Best thing is to read the documents, including fine print, carefully to check what you will be getting and what you won’t.

How to Choose Replica Rim that Suits Your Vehicle Needs

replica rims

For some period of time from the first time you buy your vehicle, no matter good or expensive the cubical vehicle that you buy, it can’t be stayed in its peak performance forever. There will be always certain part that need special care. When it comes to a car, then it must be rim or the wheel part. It can’t be helped, since this one is daily exposed with different traction everyday. You perhaps know that not all the traction is friendly. As car rim plays huge role for your car, so then if you find something suspicious, you better do something about it.

A good rim can provides good stability for your car which protect you from some common horrible thing that may appear on road. Being ignorant about this matter, you are not only harm your safety, but also other people. Surely, you don’t want something like this happens on you, right? So, none other but replace the outdated rim with the new one. Nevertheless, bear in mind that being aware to replace the rim is not enough. There are some other considerations you better know as well.

Apart from its function, it has decorative purpose also, thus it is wise if you a bit pay your attention toward the appearance of the rim. There are two ways where you can obtain certain rim that you need. First you can buy its original part, and second, you can buy its replica. You may think that the original one is the best match for your vehicle, in fact, it is the truth. However, it doesn’t mean that replica rim that you buy from third party manufacturer is bad. Some indeed, as they lower down the cost unlike the original one.

But don’t get be fooled, you know there are some replica manufacturers like Replica Rims which sell a good quality of replica wheel/rim. Although this is only for some cases, but you can’t take it lightly just because is labeled as replica. Not to mention, but if you buy your wheel or rims herein, you won’t regret it. Now back to the wheel. Since, you need to concern for both its function and fashion, here are some ways which are worth taking. First, it is about the size of the rim. Ensure that you choose the same exact size.

The style for the rim is also essential. Knowing the style of the rim can affect the exterior part of your cubical vehicle. Sometimes there are some color options to choose. However, it is important for you to know that, even though it comes in many option, before you think about its presentation, think first about the main reason you replace the old rim to the new one. Next is the cost. If you yearn for better performance, don’t be temped by a lower price rim without quality. In addition, to ensure that you get certain rim that you need like Nissan Atima, Ford A and many other, ensure that you choose the manufacturer that offers you with a vast array of rim selections.

Yorkshire: A great place to buy a used car

There are many dealers who can help you if you’re looking for reliable used cars Yorkshire. Buying a second-hand car over a brand new model can save you a great deal of money, and what’s more is that you’ll be able to miss out on the vast depreciation drop seen by most new cars after just twelve months on the road if you explore this channel. There are many reputable dealers in Yorkshire who can help you get the right car for your needs, at the right price.


Find the perfect second-hand car

The second-hand car market has the diversity to cater for a huge range of tastes. This means you shouldn’t struggle to find something suitable no matter what your requirements are. If you do want to buy a second-hand car but don’t know where to begin, why not ask a more experienced friend or family member if they can help? A more experienced driver should be able to help you avoid many of the pitfall associated with buying second-hand cars.

Servicing and MOTs

Always go for a test drive and conduct an emergency stop so you can see how the car handles in tough situations. View the car in dry and light conditions where faults cannot be hidden and examine the paperwork carefully. The car should have been taken in for regular servicing in line with manufacturer guidelines, and if it’s more than three years old it will need to have been MOT tested annually. Make sure you can actually afford to keep the car – even if the initial price tag looks great, you’ll still need to cover costs like tax, fuel and insurance. Approach the market with care and you’ll hopefully have years of great motoring to look forward to.