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How to Know That You Are Qualified to Drive for Uber

 How to Know That You Are Qualified to Drive for Uber

How to Know That You Are Qualified to Drive for Uber

So, what is Uber? If you see it from passengers spectacle, then it is like a taxi. Whilst, when you see it as the driver, it mostly like a ride-sharing service where you are connected through technology with your passengers and the company that hires you. Let it alone, this ride-sharing service, recently, becomes very popular for its simplicity, more it is less expensive compared to standard taxi fare, even though it depends on the state or the city where it is operated. Its driver is quite varied, from professional driver that takes the job full time to a typical driver who treats the job as a part time job.

Simply say, everyone can drive for Uber as long as they match to Uber car requirements. Indeed, the requirements can be varied from one state to another, however, the basic stays the same. Speak for the requirements for Uber car, you can slice it up into two different categories, first, from the car restrictions requirements, and second, from its service level. Pay your attention to the first category, you should know that, if you want to drive for Uber, you will be restricted to drive under full-sized van segment like GMC Savana or Ford E-Series.

It is not possible for you to drive for Uber with marked vehicle like taxi or some. Crown Victoria will be not allowed. Be sure you check regularly this basic guidelines as it can change sometimes. Now, let take a look the car requirement from its service level. UberX is known as the entry level of the service that is used as a everyday basis ride-share service which is better than regular taxi. The requirements to follow; the vehicle that is used fit four passengers without considering the driver. The vehicle must be a 2000 production line, but the newest the better. Bear in mind, this one is also differed from state-to-state.

For instance, when it is for New York City, then the vehicle must be released at least on 2011. UberXL is another service level. If you have a minivan or SUV that can occupy six passengers (no driver include), and it is a 2000 or newer either minivan or SUV, then you can apply yourself to drive with this level. Another one is UberSelect/UberPlus. This service is not available in every state if you want to know. Compared to other services like the previous two, this one is more expensive.

The requirement to be accepted into this level, a four-door of entry level luxury sedan is mandatory. The vehicle must be under 2007 production line, more, it should have leather interior. Too, it should be able to handle about four passengers without the driver. UberSUV and Uber Black are next. Applying for this, the vehicle should be a full size SUV or Sedan that is released on 2012 or more updated model, drapes with black for both interior and exterior and plenty other. The last one is UberLux which you find only in Los Angeles, that requires you to have commercial insurance and many other. Lastly, before applying, it best if you understand other considerations as well.

New RAV4 Hybrid

The RAV4 has been around for 20 years and has gained itself a good reputation as the original compact SUV. It was always designed to be able to go anywhere. The newest model has a new hybrid engine option though as well as other innovations to improve on it even more.

The hybrid engine is based on that used for the Prius which has been hugely successful. This means that you can trust the engine to be reliable and gutsy but also fuel efficient. With fuel being so expensive, many people looking to save money and the environment becoming more of a pressing concern for everyone, having a hybrid engine could be something that many people are considering. On top of this the RAV4 will be fitted with the new Toyota (عروض تويوتا في السعوديه) Safety Sense system which will help to keep you safer when travelling. There is also a panoramic view monitor to also keep safety high making manoeuvring a lot easier.

Therefore you can get the power that you want with a cleaner engine. The car is also designed to help you to keep calm. There is instant power for when you need it but also cruise control when you want to sit back a bit. However, it is still up to the challenge of off road driving or driving in difficult conditions should this be necessary.

Of course the new RAV4 also comes with a stylish look. It has a sleek and modern design. There are Bi-LED headlamps with LED guide lights on the rear. These stand out and give the car its signature look. There are also alloy wheels to finish off the sophisticated new design. Inside there are also new high quality materials and there is plenty of storage room, both for passengers and their luggage, providing the perfect balance.

Top Automobile Blog that Provides You with Tips and Advice for Car Service

Epica AutoJust like your home that needs regular maintenance through remodeling, your car requires the same thing too. As you drive your car somewhere each day within some years, if you are very ignorant to treat your car properly, it will affect the way it performs. Therefore regular maintenance is a must. Guess what? Looking for particular place to give your car special maintenance, it has the same level of difficulty as buying the new car. Not to mention, but wrongly pick car repair shop for you car, it will affect both the performance of your car and also the cost.

Do you want a solution? A top automobile blog like Epica Auto is worthwhile a consideration to find particular information that relates to car service and advice. Deciding to do regular service to your cubical vehicle, ensure you hand over the job to such an auto repair shop that offers you with both reliable human resource and technology for the best maintenance result. Another benefits when you rely only on a reputable and reliable auto repair shop, though you get fine quality of car service, the cost will never choke you.

car service tips and advice

Back to automobile blog where you can access plentiful of valuable auto related information, here are some car service tips and advice you possibly get. Brake is one from some important elements of your vehicle that you need to control its speed. If you are poorly treated that part of your vehicle it costs not only your safety but other people around you. Though you can check hat brake by your own, but sometimes it is also pivotal to let the professional to do it for you. As they have expertise in this field, they know precisely how to check it properly.

Understanding how to keep the brakes part of your vehicle stay in its good condition, it is also important. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to deal with it, simply find related information online through reliable automobile blog like Epica Auto, your problem is solved then. Or else, if you want to know some tips to hinder fatal accident on road, something like that is also accessible. Also, suppose that you look for certain information about some cars that are perfect to accompany you during winter, some advice are there for you.

Nevertheless, if you are part of people who know much about auto-related issue like how to properly maintain a car to extend its life, some facts and myths toward car and many various others, how about you share your knowledge with others as car writers wanted to develop an automobile blog community like Epica Auto. Therefore, any people that want to know more about automobile and its related matter can easily access certain information that they need. What do you think about this idea? Have both writing ability and knowledge about car stuffs, it is such a waste if you keep it by yourself just because you have no confident to share it. So, why do you hesitate?

How to Find a Good Auto Repair Mechanic

This is a very common question that many vehicle owners ask every now and then. In the past the best way to know that a mechanic or an auto repair shop that had pros that are highly skilled and could do a good job and could charge a fair price was by word of mouth. This was an efficient method but now there is a faster method that is only a few mouse clicks away or touches screen taps away. The review sites that can be found on the Internet have greatly simplified things for us. They help you identify a good mechanic in your area.  However, this science is not exact. Sometimes a shop or mechanic that was highly recommended might actually disappoint you by doing a shoddy job but at least you are able to have the odds in your favor.


Seek feedback and recommendations from your family and friends on the shops they have visited before and especially if they have a similar vehicle type. This way you can judge their expertise on the jobs they have taken part in before. This is a very reliable way of knowing where to entrust your car.


The shop should be offering different kind of guarantees on their repair work. These warranties can vary from shop to shop so make sure you ask them way ahead in time to avoid inconveniences in the end.  Also make sure the shop is convenient. Even a well performing shop might not be worth the effort if it hours are conflicting greatly with your schedule especially if you have very few or no transportation options after you from the vehicle at the auto repair shop.


If your vehicle needs a small repair, try out a local auto repair shop with these small repairs or maintenance and this way you will know if you can trust them to do the big repairs.


There are enthusiast message boards that have come up that may be dedicated to a particular vehicle make or car model and more often than not the members discuss their local dealerships or the independent repair shops in the area. In this forum the members have a chance to chime in and give their experiences or any recommendations they have in mind. As a car owner be able to filter this information so that you can know what to use in your favor or the advice on a particular recommended auto repair shop or mechanic. Many garages specialize majorly in the certain makes. Choose a shop that focuses mainly on your make, as they are more likely to have the latest training and up to date equipments to fix your vehicle.


Well Google has an enormous database, which will come in handy in this case. Through Google you are able to yield the greatest number of search results on the available auto repair shops and mechanics and you are even able to narrow down the search to those around your area. However information from Google requires some extra filtering so that it is useful and bears good results to you. The auto repair shops list will also include their addresses and other contact information that will make it easy for you to contact the mechanic or the auto repair body shop. Google has its own independent review and scoring system, and this means you should be wary of having to rely completely on this system of finding a good auto repair mechanic.

It is possible to choose a good mechanic instead of having the trouble to randomly pick a shop to take your car to. Therefore plan ahead of time the possible choices you are considering and this way you feel at ease driving into the shop with your vehicle in need of repairs.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited has the best auto repair Columbia MO has to offer, where their expert staff can get your car back on the road in no time.

Choosing Funny Number Plates While Avoiding the DVLA Blacklist

If you’ve ever looked at a vehicle’s number plate trying to figure what word it might spell – and then laughed (or even gasped) out loud as it became clear – you know there are many combinations that can spell something…unexpected.

While many people in the market for personalised number plates want one that refers to a name, career, or other personal note, others are all about the laughs (and those of us stuck in traffic thank you).

Unfortunately, DVLA doesn’t share everyone’s sense of humour, having banned a few number plates. Since DVLA continues to ban more plates each year, your plate could land on that list.

How can you select a plate that earns a chuckle but won’t upset the censors? Here are a few rules to abide by.

Demure from the Naughty Bits

Unless you want a plate with a combination that refers to a more innocuous body part like a foot (perhaps you’re a podiatrist), you’ll need to keep body parts out of it.

Plates that spell out any body part that is considered sexual are on the naughty list. Some of the plates that fit this bill include recently banned “VA61 ANA” and “SC12 OTM”.

Oddly enough, DVLA has passed the plate that reads PEN 15. But don’t count on it remaining acceptable for long, as there are regular meetings to determine what gets blacklisted. Better to err on the side of caution if you want to hold on to it.

Skip Sexual References

It’s not just body parts that will get the DVLA concerned about the potential sexual reference in a number plate. Plates that refer to sexual acts are also on the banned list.

Recently the DVLA gave took a hammer to the number plate “BLO3 JOB”. Also banned? “PE12 VRT”

It’s hard to think of a sexual reference that most people will find tasteful, so odds are good these funny number plates are headed for DVLA’s chopping block if they haven’t reached it just yet.

Avoid Drugs or Drinking

The DVLA has also come down on plates that refer to alcohol and drugs, whether directly naming a drug or referring to being under the influence. Authorities feel that having the plate “DR12 UNK” on your car might send the wrong message.

Also banned are plates referring to heroin (“HE12 OIN”) and to addiction in general (“AD13 CTS”, “DR12 UGY”).

Pass on Race and Religion

Another banned category is anything that might be deemed racist or referring to religion. That second category can get somewhat tricky – a recent sale of personalised number plates saw “KR15 HNA”, referring to the Hindu deity Krishna, sell for a whopping £233,000.

Other religious references, however, made the banned list. Banned plates include references to the Devil himself (“LU61 FER”) and to the Koran (“KO12 ANN”).

Since it’s difficult to say what the DVLA might deem offensive in this category in the future, it’s best to give it some serious thought before paying a lot of money for your selection.

Choosing a Funny Plate

There are plenty of other plates that DVLA deems rude or offensive, not all of them fitting into a particular category. In fact, the list of banned plates is 49 pages long and continues to grow. So how can you find a plate that is funny without being in danger of landing on the blacklist?

In addition to avoiding the above categories, pay close attention to the line between cheeky and rude. For many it’s fairly easy to define the difference, but you may want to err on the side of caution.

Imagine who might be sitting in the car behind you, the range of sensibilities of the people on the road, and how they might perceive a particular plate. With thousands of plates available, you should be able to find something funny that won’t cross the line.