How to Find a Good Auto Repair Mechanic

This is a very common question that many vehicle owners ask every now and then. In the past the best way to know that a mechanic or an auto repair shop that had pros that are highly skilled and could do a good job and could charge a fair price was by word of mouth. This was an efficient method but now there is a faster method that is only a few mouse clicks away or touches screen taps away. The review sites that can be found on the Internet have greatly simplified things for us. They help you identify a good mechanic in your area.  However, this science is not exact. Sometimes a shop or mechanic that was highly recommended might actually disappoint you by doing a shoddy job but at least you are able to have the odds in your favor.


Seek feedback and recommendations from your family and friends on the shops they have visited before and especially if they have a similar vehicle type. This way you can judge their expertise on the jobs they have taken part in before. This is a very reliable way of knowing where to entrust your car.


The shop should be offering different kind of guarantees on their repair work. These warranties can vary from shop to shop so make sure you ask them way ahead in time to avoid inconveniences in the end.  Also make sure the shop is convenient. Even a well performing shop might not be worth the effort if it hours are conflicting greatly with your schedule especially if you have very few or no transportation options after you from the vehicle at the auto repair shop.


If your vehicle needs a small repair, try out a local auto repair shop with these small repairs or maintenance and this way you will know if you can trust them to do the big repairs.


There are enthusiast message boards that have come up that may be dedicated to a particular vehicle make or car model and more often than not the members discuss their local dealerships or the independent repair shops in the area. In this forum the members have a chance to chime in and give their experiences or any recommendations they have in mind. As a car owner be able to filter this information so that you can know what to use in your favor or the advice on a particular recommended auto repair shop or mechanic. Many garages specialize majorly in the certain makes. Choose a shop that focuses mainly on your make, as they are more likely to have the latest training and up to date equipments to fix your vehicle.


Well Google has an enormous database, which will come in handy in this case. Through Google you are able to yield the greatest number of search results on the available auto repair shops and mechanics and you are even able to narrow down the search to those around your area. However information from Google requires some extra filtering so that it is useful and bears good results to you. The auto repair shops list will also include their addresses and other contact information that will make it easy for you to contact the mechanic or the auto repair body shop. Google has its own independent review and scoring system, and this means you should be wary of having to rely completely on this system of finding a good auto repair mechanic.

It is possible to choose a good mechanic instead of having the trouble to randomly pick a shop to take your car to. Therefore plan ahead of time the possible choices you are considering and this way you feel at ease driving into the shop with your vehicle in need of repairs.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited has the best auto repair Columbia MO has to offer, where their expert staff can get your car back on the road in no time.