7 seasons why I love my Porsche 918 Spyder

Porsche 918 Spyder image

The day is finally here, the day I get to show you my 918 spider. The one thing is I don’t want to do the same video that I always do. So I’m going to change things up a little bit and I’m just going to give you 7 reasons why I freaking love this thing. So let’s get started.

Wow acceleration baby, acceleration. That’s one of my favourite parts about this g* car, wow just sweat a little bit, in the crouch area too. I don’t think that’s sweat though. Number 2, the design that’s exactly how we get there. This is one of my favourite things about the car. Obviously the design over all of the car is one of my favourite things. But aside from that the job that the guys in secrecy did with the wrap. The car used to be metallic black, it’s not anymore obviously. They did a wet wrap on it, which is a clear brown with a little bit of texture giving it that look, like mat look and also clearly the trong lines, which are not really trong lines. The guys at Secrecy really just wanted to highlight a little bit more of the lines because the car has a very smooth shape. So we wanted to make it look a little bit more aggressive or they wanted to make it look a little bit more aggressive. Aside from that the wheels, the brakes, one of my most favourite design items right here. Look at that those peanut shape wheels yes, someone brought it up and they are kind of right. The back of the car, the wing when it’s up. This right here, this whole thing right here one of my most favourite parts. I mean who doesn’t like a girl with a big booty right. I mean that has nothing to do with the video I’m just saying. God look at that and those two exhaust pipes right behind your ears, nothing beats the noise that comes out of those.

Porsche 918 Spyder

The noise, I’m in a quiet neighbourhood right now so let’s (unclear) you’re stepping on it. I can’t hear because it’s a little bit isolated from everything else. Can you beat that , nope and it’s right behind my ears, the exhaust are right here unbelievable, even that noise that it makes with the battery engines, motors. My God.

It’s rootless it’s the only hipper car that you can take the roof off and that is absolutely priceless, actually comes with a price. But it’s actually the cheapest one of all 3 so I’ll take it, look at that. This is what the car is supposed to be like, this is like meeting that girl that you wanted to bang in high school with a big ass patties and you can touch him roofless, topless.

The mode yep all electric mode, no engine noise, no nothing you can put on the air, you can turn on the radio, you can do whatever you want and you can enjoy yourself if you don’t feel like you’re in that engine and especially when you’re in traffic it really works really really well. It’s one of those things that really always messed up with my head right. Oh I want to get a hipper car, I’m going to get a preo like hipper car, that’s kind of weird. They are amazing, the tourt that they throw in and the fact that you can go on stelf modem basically get out of your house without your wife knowing. You’ r e getting a super car, hipper car but it’s a hiberd and it scared me for a while because I always don’t know people that drive (unclear) just suck and yeah they do. Totally messing with you just the people that drive suck. These cars are better understood if you think of them as a turbo car right. So think about turbo chargers, imagine illuminated lag 100% and adding that kick the moment you step on the truddle. That’s exactly what you get with these cars. The whole battery powered cars are bull shit, that’s that, that’s that. These are insane machines every day I fall more and more in love with them and I just can’t wait until Portia changes all of their cars and make this technology available for everyone because you guys don’t understand how good it is.

The interior of the car of course, carbon fibre every time I can see carbon fibre that’s a huge yes for my book right. So we got plenty of that right there, we have topped that with the sexy ass steering wheel that you see right here, cart man yeah I know, I’m a child. Double screen, madly in love with that screen right there, that saves lives whenever you’re driving the car without the top on, why because there’s no reflection problems so yeah that saves you from using this one. You have these beautiful long screen which operates the A/C, the radio and the menu is up here and it’s a touch screen. Two different things to use. The seats my God aren’t they beautiful and then you get the bracing seats with the carbon fibre right here and they say 918 spider with the Portia logo on the back. For a hipper car this is my favourite interior hold 3 between the P1, the left Farari, this is more of a car that you can drive every single day and not even thing about been in a hipper care. Lot’s of carbon fibre, I’m actually about to order a few more pieces in carbon if I were like to centre council right here the lines would go there at the bottom right here. We’re going to be changing the stearin g wheel, we’re going to do (unclear). But I’m just doing that because I’m a morone.

It makes you a better driver and that’s a big plus in my car. I understand that we all like to get in the car, drive a manual, rev match, really work to get the most out of the car. I understand I’m one of those people, I really really enjoy that and I feel like doing it. For the most part though there is something really cool about just been able to get in this car and getting the most out of it, setting up a labtime that you’ll never be able to set up in any other car with similar power and similar weight ratio. I don’t know, I enjoy it and I know a lot of people are going to argue with me about this point because I’m also on the other side of things but dude I’m not a race car driver I enjoy been able to do this, I enjoy to be able to get in the car and just pull insane figures out of it.