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Are Your Tires Ready for Winter?

Having a car can be a big help. But if you don’t know how to take good care of your vehicle, you can become a nuisance to others on the road. This is particularly true if you don’t know how to properly maintain your car. Apart from causing accidents or road traffic, you could lead to a potentially dangerous experience for those sharing the road with you. This is why it is always best to be wise and be a responsible car owner.

One thing you have to know about being a car owner is that you need to know how to be ready for different weather conditions. Especially now that winter is coming, you have to be fully prepared for the season so that you don’t pose a threat to other people on the road. With the icy roads, you have to see to it that your car will be ready for the challenge waiting ahead. This means that you need to take care of your tires so they can be ready for the delicate roads.

Here are a few things to remember to see that your tires are ready for winter:

Check your tire tread

Before you go out, you need to make sure that your tires are ready for winter. One of the things you have to do is to check whether or not the tread on your tires are still okay. You can only be sure of the quality of your tire treads when you regularly have them aligned and rotated. With this, you can be sure that your treads will be even on both sides of your car.

However, if you don’t regularly check this, you might encounter problem in having your wheels aligned and adjusted. You need to do this before the roads become icy so you don’t encounter any problems later on. If you don’t check this, you might encounter a major problem on the road since it will be difficult for your tires to get more grip for braking and accelerating.

To check your tread, you can do the penny test. Using a penny, you can already see whether or not you will need a new tire for your car. Try to place the penny into one of the tread grooves on your tire. Make sure that Lincoln’s head on the coin is facing you. If there is any portion of his head being obscured by the tread, then that indicates that it is still okay to use. On the other hand, if you can’t see past the head, you will need to get new tires.

Check tire pressure

The most common cause of uneven tire wear is brought about by under-inflation. This typically happens when the temperature drops. While it takes a while before your tires become under-inflated, it could be a potential danger once your tire pressure drops as small as 5psi. Not to mention, if you keep your tires properly inflated, you won’t have to spend a lot of money in buying new tires since it can help last you a longer period of time.

Do you need snow tires?

A common misconception is that you won’t need snow tires if you don’t live in mountainous areas. Unfortunately, this is a big lie that many tend to take for granted. The truth is that your tires won’t be able to perform as good in winter as they do throughout the year. In fact, the cold temperature may result to encountering hard tires and this could lead the tires to lose their normal traction. Even if there isn’t any snow on the ground, your tires could still deal with this problem. One way you can protect your tires is to change them for snow tires during this season.

If you want to be certain about using snow tires on your car, you can check with your car’s local dealership. They usually have a service department that can help you determine whether or not snow tires will be necessary for your area’s weather. At the same time, they can help give you a good recommendation on which tires would be best for your specific car make and model.

It may take you some time to prepare your car for winter season, but in the end, you’ll regret not taking time out for this specific purpose. It can help you avoid accidents and even other costly expenditures that you may have to face when you don’t get your tires ready for the season. By devoting some time to your checking your car’s tires, you can be fully ready for the season and the icy roads that will get in your way. In the end, your drive through the cold road will turn out to be a good experience.

Written by the staff at KB Tire & Auto. KB Tire & Auto is the leading expert in auto repair Moberly MO has to offer.

7 seasons why I love my Porsche 918 Spyder

Porsche 918 Spyder image

The day is finally here, the day I get to show you my 918 spider. The one thing is I don’t want to do the same video that I always do. So I’m going to change things up a little bit and I’m just going to give you 7 reasons why I freaking love this thing. So let’s get started.

Wow acceleration baby, acceleration. That’s one of my favourite parts about this g* car, wow just sweat a little bit, in the crouch area too. I don’t think that’s sweat though. Number 2, the design that’s exactly how we get there. This is one of my favourite things about the car. Obviously the design over all of the car is one of my favourite things. But aside from that the job that the guys in secrecy did with the wrap. The car used to be metallic black, it’s not anymore obviously. They did a wet wrap on it, which is a clear brown with a little bit of texture giving it that look, like mat look and also clearly the trong lines, which are not really trong lines. The guys at Secrecy really just wanted to highlight a little bit more of the lines because the car has a very smooth shape. So we wanted to make it look a little bit more aggressive or they wanted to make it look a little bit more aggressive. Aside from that the wheels, the brakes, one of my most favourite design items right here. Look at that those peanut shape wheels yes, someone brought it up and they are kind of right. The back of the car, the wing when it’s up. This right here, this whole thing right here one of my most favourite parts. I mean who doesn’t like a girl with a big booty right. I mean that has nothing to do with the video I’m just saying. God look at that and those two exhaust pipes right behind your ears, nothing beats the noise that comes out of those.

Porsche 918 Spyder

The noise, I’m in a quiet neighbourhood right now so let’s (unclear) you’re stepping on it. I can’t hear because it’s a little bit isolated from everything else. Can you beat that , nope and it’s right behind my ears, the exhaust are right here unbelievable, even that noise that it makes with the battery engines, motors. My God.

It’s rootless it’s the only hipper car that you can take the roof off and that is absolutely priceless, actually comes with a price. But it’s actually the cheapest one of all 3 so I’ll take it, look at that. This is what the car is supposed to be like, this is like meeting that girl that you wanted to bang in high school with a big ass patties and you can touch him roofless, topless.

The mode yep all electric mode, no engine noise, no nothing you can put on the air, you can turn on the radio, you can do whatever you want and you can enjoy yourself if you don’t feel like you’re in that engine and especially when you’re in traffic it really works really really well. It’s one of those things that really always messed up with my head right. Oh I want to get a hipper car, I’m going to get a preo like hipper car, that’s kind of weird. They are amazing, the tourt that they throw in and the fact that you can go on stelf modem basically get out of your house without your wife knowing. You’ r e getting a super car, hipper car but it’s a hiberd and it scared me for a while because I always don’t know people that drive (unclear) just suck and yeah they do. Totally messing with you just the people that drive suck. These cars are better understood if you think of them as a turbo car right. So think about turbo chargers, imagine illuminated lag 100% and adding that kick the moment you step on the truddle. That’s exactly what you get with these cars. The whole battery powered cars are bull shit, that’s that, that’s that. These are insane machines every day I fall more and more in love with them and I just can’t wait until Portia changes all of their cars and make this technology available for everyone because you guys don’t understand how good it is.

The interior of the car of course, carbon fibre every time I can see carbon fibre that’s a huge yes for my book right. So we got plenty of that right there, we have topped that with the sexy ass steering wheel that you see right here, cart man yeah I know, I’m a child. Double screen, madly in love with that screen right there, that saves lives whenever you’re driving the car without the top on, why because there’s no reflection problems so yeah that saves you from using this one. You have these beautiful long screen which operates the A/C, the radio and the menu is up here and it’s a touch screen. Two different things to use. The seats my God aren’t they beautiful and then you get the bracing seats with the carbon fibre right here and they say 918 spider with the Portia logo on the back. For a hipper car this is my favourite interior hold 3 between the P1, the left Farari, this is more of a car that you can drive every single day and not even thing about been in a hipper care. Lot’s of carbon fibre, I’m actually about to order a few more pieces in carbon if I were like to centre council right here the lines would go there at the bottom right here. We’re going to be changing the stearin g wheel, we’re going to do (unclear). But I’m just doing that because I’m a morone.

It makes you a better driver and that’s a big plus in my car. I understand that we all like to get in the car, drive a manual, rev match, really work to get the most out of the car. I understand I’m one of those people, I really really enjoy that and I feel like doing it. For the most part though there is something really cool about just been able to get in this car and getting the most out of it, setting up a labtime that you’ll never be able to set up in any other car with similar power and similar weight ratio. I don’t know, I enjoy it and I know a lot of people are going to argue with me about this point because I’m also on the other side of things but dude I’m not a race car driver I enjoy been able to do this, I enjoy to be able to get in the car and just pull insane figures out of it.


Advances in Variable Ratio Steering

active steering

Keeping a car stable on the road has a lot to do with the suspension and tire technology. However, there are also things that can contribute stability while driving that is housed inside of the vehicle’s steering wheel. This is the approach that has been taken with Ford’s New Variable-Ratio Steering System. This type of new steering approach helps a driver to move the wheels of a car more while not having to turn the steering wheel excessively.

Not a New Concept

This type of steering, referred to as active steering, is something that has been around for the past 12 to 13 years. In fact, luxury automakers like BMW have been employing this type of steering in many of their luxury vehicles. There are several things that make the Ford approach unique.

The Difference

The first difference between the BMW inspire active steering and Ford’s variable ratio steering is that Ford’s adaptation is the first of its type to be introduced on non-luxury vehicles. The fact is that a person won’t have to spend a small fortune to have improved steering and stability while driving a vehicle.

Easy to Upgrade

Another benefit to this type of ratio steering technology is that because it’s housed in the steering wheel, virtually any Ford vehicle with enough clearance room in the steering wheel can be retrofitted with variable ratio steering. Ford was very deliberate in making this a standalone unit in the hopes of being able to retrofit new models, as well as customers being able to retrofit existing Ford vehicles with this new type of steering technology.

Variable Ratios of the Past

The fact is that this type of variable ratio steering has been around for a while. However, in the past there were trade-offs. Higher ratios for steering meant that a person would have to turn the wheel many times in order to get them to turn. The benefit to this was that even though a great deal of wheel was having to be put into turning, it was extremely easy to move the steering wheel.

With steering that had lower ratios, less turning of the steering wheel had been done in order to get the tires to move. Unfortunately, this made turning the wheel extremely difficult. While some of these things were improved with power steering, variable steering ratios still exhibited similar challenges, even with a power steering unit.

Powered Units as a Solution

To counteract that, when active steering or variable ratio steering was introduced by BMW, the unit was powered by electricity. Much like power steering helped people maneuver cars without a great deal of resistance, the electric powered active steering device allowed for easy steering, regardless of whether the wheel was moving a great deal or only moving a little. This same premise is what has been introduced by Ford in its new variable ratio steering.

The Benefits

Many people might wonder about the benefits of this type of steering device. One of the main benefits is being able to steer and maneuver the vehicle in tight spaces. With tighter urban areas, smaller parking spaces and more traffic than ever before, having a vehicle that can handle easily in confined spaces without the driver having to turn the wheel excessively makes for a better handling vehicle.

At higher rates of speed, this type of steering allows the driver more stability. Less wheel needs to be used at higher speeds in general. However with variable ratio steering, even less turning will need to be made in the event that a driver will have to make evasive movements at highway speeds.

These advancements in variable ratio steering technologies will be of benefit to a large number of drivers on the road today. For drivers of heavy duty service trucks or commuters that own small compact vehicles, easier steering and maneuverability will continue to be a highly sought after feature in modern vehicles. With Ford making their technology more accessible, competitive manufacturers will likely follow suit.

Finding Auto Service with Great Service and Authentic Parts

Owners of BMW cars will want to get the best BMW repair shops to take care of their BMW cars. As a car owner, one will understand the necessity of taking cars to have a proper maintenance. From time to time, maintaining car condition will need to be done in order to keep its level of safety and performance at its best. The regular maintenance will also help in detecting particular parts of the car that need more attention such as being repaired or even replaced. While there are a lot of auto service shops can be found, finding the best is not as easy.

Recently, thanks to the help of the modern technology, a lot of auto service shops are establishing their own websites to lure more people into hiring their services. These websites are very useful as car owners will be able to check on them whenever they need a service especially the one in the area they are not familiar with. By checking the websites, there will be no need to go outside and drive the car which will definitely need to spend money to buy gas. Stay at home and browse the websites. There will be no money spent and the information acquired will be similar more or less.

A real good service shop is the one that will provide top service at satisfying level. This includes the friendly staff who will serve customers without leaving bad impression to the customers. The real good service technically will certainly become one of the most important things to be considered. No matter how friendly one service is, it will not be good enough if the maintenance, repair and replacement considered being not good enough. Last but not least auto service shops those provide authentic parts will make things easier for car owners.

Mobile Paintless Dent Removal

Mobile Paintless Dent Removal

Our Mobile Paintless Dent Removal service:

  • Delivers high quality & guaranteed results
  • Will make your car look as new
  • Is provided by experienced and qualified technicians
  • Saves you time
  • Saves you money
  • Is convenient, we come to you!

For many people their car is their pride and joy and they do what they can to keep it the best possible condition.

But accidents happen and small dents and scratches can happen in the blink of an eye, just think of a runaway shopping trolley, a bicycle that comes out of nowhere or a car door that is opened carelessly.

Many people drive around for a long time with that kind of damage. That is because they think it is costly and time consuming to get repaired. If you use the old ways of filling and painting to get even minor damage fixed you will be without your car for days and will probably be hit with a big bill.

Mobile Paintless Dent Removal offers a high quality, innovative,

cheap and quick alternative!

With paintless dent removal you will retain the pristine factory finish of your car and it will look as good as new, as if the damage never occurred.

Paintless Dent Removal takes a long time to master and requires high levels of skill and dedication. That is why not all car technicians are able to offer this service.

At Car Cosmetics we are proud of our ability to remove dents quickly with a better result compared to the traditional fill and paint jobs. Our team is highly professional, qualified and passionate about cars – so you can trust us to take the utmost care of your vehicle.


So if you are looking for paintless dent removal in Leeds, the friendly team at Car Cosmetics is ready to assist you. Get in touch now for more information or for a quote.

2 Advanced Paintless Dent Removal Techniques

We can remove small to medium size dents from your car, delivering excellent results without paint re-spraying.

Paintless Dent Removal

Small dents up to 3 inches in diameter, with little or no damage to the paintwork can be massaged out from behind the panel. This is known as the PDR (Paintless Dent Removal). This is a quick and much cheaper alternative to the traditional fill and paint process.

Dent Removal – Glue Pulling

We use this technique when there is no access to the back of the panels or for dents towards the edges of panels.

The process involves the application of a small plastic “mushroom” which is glued to the dent and then removed using a gripping tool, which fixes the dent. The area is then cleaned to leave an as new finish.

We would love to help you fix your car TODAY! Fill in the form to get a FREE QUOTE!