Top Tips For Wrong Fuel Mishaps

Top Tips For Wrong Fuel Mishaps

If you have ever been a victim of putting the wrong fuel in your car, you will understand how frustrating this problem can be. So here are some top tips from a wrong fuel in car technician to help you when you make the mistake. Firstly try not to start the engine; this will avoid fuel circulation and damage. If you have started the engine, turn it off as soon as possible.

You will need to drain the fuel from the vehicles fuel tank and if it has been driven the fuel lines and filter. It is paramount that the fuel filter is changed if it is diesel in a petrol car. Putting petrol in a diesel car  is probably one of the most common causes for a mistake as diesel cars are on the rise.

There are many wrong fuel recovery companies out there providing 24-hour mobile fuel drains but we recommend Wrong Fuel Recovery the UK’s No1 fuel drain provider. They cover the whole of the UK providing wrong fuel drain services and aim to be with a customer within 1 hour.

A standard car with half a tank of fuel normally takes around 20 minutes to drain if it has not been driven, this will be slightly longer if the vehicle has been started as the fuel lines and filer will also need to be drained. Most fuel filter can be changed by your self and will only need a screwdriver to replace; this should take no longer than around 10-15 minutes. Some cars are more complex but the majority can be changed this way.

By putting the wrong fuel in your car, you have weakened the fuel system and components, as they are not designed to contain that type of fuel. The most common parts to wear include the fuel pump, the injectors and rubber seals along the system. Its important to get the problem dealt with as soon as possible as the contaminated mixture can damage the components just by being left in the system for an extended period of time.