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Why most people never get good deals on used cars

When hunting used cars for sale, the herd effect is strong. Everybody is trying to look as professional as they can, while their minds get trapped by that shiny, recently polished vehicle, with more problems than Jay-Z. People need to understand that there are quite some factors to be taken in consideration when shopping for used cars, and, unfortunately, experience is one of them. I’m saying unfortunately since experience can’t be bought, only earned. So, why exactly do most people miss great opportunities in used cars and go for the black sheep? Where do they fail?

shopping for used cars

Not doing proper homework

Whenever someone goes to an used car dealership, they should prepare for war. Victory represents either the smallest price, in case of the buyer, or the highest price settled for, in case of the dealer. Since the end of the 19th century, wars have been developed and fought using information; this is why secret services were so influential and overall important. Having proper information before going into battle is a must, even in used cars sale business.

But, what does information mean when talking about used cars? It’s not all about the make and model, trims and engine variations; such info can be easily found online and doesn’t do anything besides letting you know you are actually buying a Nissan Siliva S13 and not a Honda NSX. There are other, more interesting bits of information that actually need to be discovered and acquire. Information that will make the used car dealer think twice before trying to cross you.

As mentioned above, experience cannot be bought, only gained through success and failure. However, a few tips can be taught. Used cars for sale have different issues that need to be addressed. Some are visible, such as imperfections on the paint or severely damaged body panels, while others can’t be seen with the naked eye of a newbie. That’s where you need to press until it hurts.

Research the most common problems regarding the car you are interested in buying. Such problems could mean head gasket failure, premature cylinder wear, rust under the floor of the vehicle, and so on. Print them on a paper if needed, but check each and every one of them when inspecting the car. Usually, dealers will instantly realise they are dealing with someone who did their homework, and that’s going to lower the price.

Not choosing the right place

There isn’t just one used car sale yard in the whole world; there are tens of thousands of them. On the same note, not all of them provide quality merchandise, so choosing the right place to buy a used car is vital. The bigger the better, but not necessarily in this case. It is true that, the bigger the competition between sellers, the lower the price can be negotiated. Still, once should watch out for hyenas trying to trick buyers; stolen cars, fake documents, all are out there

Not having the guts

From the moment you enter their territory to the moment when you sign the papers, used car dealers won’t stop yapping. Of course, one would say, they need to sell the merchandise. They can’t be as quiet as a mouse, right? Of course they can’t, although rambling like a gearbox without fluids is not so nice. Just because the dealer is doing most of the talk, the buyer should not take the position of the mouse in this equation. Start asking questions, talk about comparatives, ask about other offers, ask about discounts. Don’t stand there watching and nodding. Don’t agree with everything the dealer says; do your best to contradict him using valid arguments.

Improving these three points should create a better perspective when check used cars for sale, allowing for better deals and better cars to be acquired.

Top Tips For Wrong Fuel Mishaps

Top Tips For Wrong Fuel Mishaps

If you have ever been a victim of putting the wrong fuel in your car, you will understand how frustrating this problem can be. So here are some top tips from a wrong fuel in car technician to help you when you make the mistake. Firstly try not to start the engine; this will avoid fuel circulation and damage. If you have started the engine, turn it off as soon as possible.

You will need to drain the fuel from the vehicles fuel tank and if it has been driven the fuel lines and filter. It is paramount that the fuel filter is changed if it is diesel in a petrol car. Putting petrol in a diesel car  is probably one of the most common causes for a mistake as diesel cars are on the rise.

There are many wrong fuel recovery companies out there providing 24-hour mobile fuel drains but we recommend Wrong Fuel Recovery the UK’s No1 fuel drain provider. They cover the whole of the UK providing wrong fuel drain services and aim to be with a customer within 1 hour.

A standard car with half a tank of fuel normally takes around 20 minutes to drain if it has not been driven, this will be slightly longer if the vehicle has been started as the fuel lines and filer will also need to be drained. Most fuel filter can be changed by your self and will only need a screwdriver to replace; this should take no longer than around 10-15 minutes. Some cars are more complex but the majority can be changed this way.

By putting the wrong fuel in your car, you have weakened the fuel system and components, as they are not designed to contain that type of fuel. The most common parts to wear include the fuel pump, the injectors and rubber seals along the system. Its important to get the problem dealt with as soon as possible as the contaminated mixture can damage the components just by being left in the system for an extended period of time.

Hiring A Mercedes Specialist In Cheshire

Hiring A Mercedes Specialist In Cheshire

There are many things that you must keep in mind when it comes to looking after your precious Mercedes car. Some of these things are:

  • Driving it under optimum or recommended conditions
  • Using only high quality fuel and lubricants
  • Finding the best possible repair facility or service center and
  • Having a Mercedes specialist when it comes to taking care of your car.

So if you are looking for a Mercedes specialist in Cheshire, then here are a few things that you can keep in mind.

Look for guarantees

There are quite a few Mercedes Service Centers out there but it would be good for you to look for a specialist who offers guarantees on the various products and services that he uses. For instance it could be something as simple as using genuine Mercedes parts which come with a Mercedes specialist stamp. It would also be good for you to look for a dealer who promises you great savings on labor bills, especially when compared to non-Mercedes repair centers.

Flexibility of choice

A high quality Mercedes specialist in Cheshire will also give you the option of using budget parts or choose high quality and Genuine Parts. Either way, you will get to enjoy some fabulous offers on prices and you can rest assured that the specialist will do a great job because he is dedicated to the care of your car.

Getting a price quote

It is a very good idea for you to get a price quote after meeting a customer service representative from a Mercedes specialist company. If necessary, you should get multiple price quotes from different companies in your location so that you can compare and contrast and find out which one offers you the maximum advantages and value for your money.

Specialized knowledge

A lot of people may ask you why you are looking for a Mercedes specialist. But consider the fact that you have bought a machine which is known for its high performance and sophistication. Then, does it not make complete sense for you to look for a qualified technician rather than a general mechanic? Such a qualified individual will give you advantages of specific training on the Mercedes brand and you can also rest assured that his skill set is constantly being upgraded by the company itself. This simply means that all your problems get sorted out effectively and swiftly. And more importantly, you do not have to worry about support services and frequent breakdowns thereafter.

Author Bio:

Henry is a expert in Mercedes cars and has had a passion for these timeless classic since he was a boy. His father owned many classics and involved Henry with the maintenance, thus giving Henry a great expertise in the servicing of these cars. You can find more information at MD Motorcare

Guide To Car Warranties

Guide To Car Warranties

Information overload can certainly happen when you are in the market searching for car warranties. Some of the things that you will need to look into include:

  • What dealer to choose when it comes to car warranties?
  • What kind of plan should you go in for?
  • What would be the cost implications of the car warranty?
  • How much of protection can you enjoy with this kind of insurance and even
  • How does a car warranty work?

Here are a few things that can serve as a useful guide to car warranties.

What is a car warranty?

In simple terms, a car warranty is nothing but an insurance policy that will help you meet the costs of repairs in case of an electrical failure or a mechanical problem in your automobile. Car warranties differ according to:

  • The timeframe of their ability
  • The parts or components that the cover
  • The prices that are payable for the same and
  • Exclusions that may come into effect as far as the insurance policies are concerned.

What are the components that are covered?

Typical car warranties cover almost all the major components of the car. But you can also look for coverage plans that take care of particularly problematic components of your car.

You can therefore enjoy an insurance policy for your car’s:

  • Suspension system
  • Brake parts
  • Fuel systems
  • Air conditioning units
  • Power train
  • Gear box
  • Steering systems and so on.

What kind of a plan should you choose?

Most car warranty providers have a wide range of plans that will give you enough flexibility to choose the right kind of insurance policy. If you want a comprehensive coverage, then go in for a comprehensive coverage plan. This will cover all components of your car and you do not have to worry about a single type of failure. Your insurance policy will pick up all the repair costs concerned.

But if you feel that your car is prone to problems with its transmission system more than anything else, then you can also opt for a component specific car warranty. This may prove to be far less expensive than a comprehensive coverage but it may also give you fewer benefits. At the end of the day, it really is your choice and your financial plan which would govern the kind of plan that you choose.

Is it available for used cars and new cars?

Indeed, car warranties are available for both used or pre owned and new cars. It is also a good idea for you to find out what kind of exclusions or limitations exist for used cars. These limitations may be linked to a timeframe or mileage. For instance, a particular warranty may be valid only for six months from date of purchase. The road worthiness of your vehicle will also be a determinant of the warranty plan.

Finally, it is a good idea not to assume anything while searching for a car warranty. Do make a list of points that you want answers to and ask the dealer for information about the same.

Avoid Financial Set Backs With Auto Extended Warranty

Most people have a pretty solid financial plan in place when it comes to every day and unforeseen expenses as well. But sometimes, even the best laid plans can go completely haywire if your automobile runs up a huge repair cost for some reason or the other. And this is one of the biggest reasons why you should consider an automobile extended warranty.

Auto Extended Warranty

Among others, it gives you:

  • Peace of mind
  • Support services when you need them the most
  • Value for your money when it comes to automobile expenses and
  • The backing of leading automobile insurance companies.

Multiple plans to choose from

You can certainly include auto extended warranty plans in your financial scenario rather easily. All you need to do is look at the different kinds of plans that car warranty solutions entail. These plans may differ across aspects such as:

  • The components that they cover
  • The exclusions that they have
  • The kinds of Insurance Partners that support a particular policy or plan and
  • Fees structure as well.

It is easy enough for you to find out how different plans stack up if you have very specific requirements.

Roadside assistance and miscellaneous expenses

Another huge advantage offered by automobile extended warranties is 24 hour roadside assistance and towing services. When your car runs into some kind of problem, then you may also need to rent a replacement car. Again, this simply means extra expenses. But when you have a robust auto warranty plan in place, then you know that there are well established companies taking care of rental cars, towing services and roadside assistance as well. So why worry!

The right mechanics

Leading automobile extended warranty service providers use the services of licensed mechanics. What this means is pretty straightforward – your precious automobile will not go through a ‘trial and error process’ when it comes to repair work. Only the most qualified mechanics will touch your automobile and not leave you vulnerable to future problems in your car.

Guarantees of various kinds

Extended warranty for your automobile can also come with different kinds of guarantees such as money back and the lowest price as well. You can find out whether all of this is true and are applicable to your particular case by asking for a price quote online.

Thus, looking at the various angles and advantages offered by an auto extended warranty makes it easier to understand and appreciate how easy it is to avoid unnecessary financial setbacks.

Author bio: Raymond is an automobile expert and loves to write about automotive insurance, warranties etc. To know more please visit