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Who Needs Car Mounts?

Who Needs Car Mounts

Given how important mobile devices have become to our day-to-day lives, it should come as no surprise to learn that car mounts are useful to almost all individuals out there. However, there are some people who need them more than most, meaning that they should get one sooner rather than later.

Here are some of the people that need car mounts the most for their vehicles:

  • Are you someone who needs to remain in contact with your workplace all the time? If so, you should get a car mount to minimize the distraction while you are out on the road and on the job. Better still, you can even hear better because you won’t be precariously balancing your cellphone between your head and your shoulder, not to mention neck strain.
  • If you are a parent, grandparent or part time baby sitter, you can use your car mount to keep the kids entertained by playing movies on your cell phone or stream videos. This is important because being cooped in a car for long periods of time can be even more unbearable for kids than for adults, meaning that you need something with which to occupy their time if you want to keep them in a good mood.
  • For those planning to travel long distances with the family, having a car mount can make it that much easier for them to find their way using their mobile device. Something that is particularly true if their car doesn’t come with a GPS navigation function.

Of course, these are but some of the people that could benefit from having a car mount installed in their car. Those interested should not hesitate to contact us at their earliest convenience to make sure that it is right for their needs.

Getting The Best Auto Protection

Getting The Best Auto Protection

There are a few things you can enjoy when you go for the right kind of automobile protection. Some of these things are:

  • Convenience
  • Easier ability to deal with expenses
  • Peace of mind and
  • Better maintenance of your car.

All very good reasons indeed to look for the best possible auto protection. Here are a few things you can keep in mind while ‘shopping’ for car protection.

Information is everything

When it comes to auto protection, then you need to know everything about the options out there. Thankfully, this does not involve a lot of legwork because the information is available, in most cases, online. You should therefore be able to tap into:

  • The websites of different auto protection dealers
  • Social media that can give you valuable information on a particular dealer
  • Referrals from people you trust and so on.

Each of these sources needs to be ‘exploited’ to the maximum extent possible. For instance, if you were to look at the website of a particular auto protection service provider, then it would be useful for you to go into details pertaining to:

  • The accreditation of the business
  • The insurance companies that have partnered with the dealer and
  • Longevity and reputation of the business as well.

Fine print

In this particular instance, it is extremely important for you to read the fine print and all the terms and conditions that will apply to your plan of auto protection. This is important because plans may differ according to the components they cover. Thus, you will get a plan that covers the following:

  • Air conditioner unit
  • Cooling systems
  • Electrical components
  • Power train and so on.

Thus, you can easily choose a plan according to do a specific component that you want covered. For instance, if you think that your car needs a higher amount of coverage for its front or rear suspension, then you should be able to find a plan of car protection that gives you the same.

Service personnel

There are two aspects to this point – first is the mechanics who look after your automobile and second is the customer support personnel. It would be good for you to find a dealer who promises licensed mechanics and friendly customer support as well. After all, you would not want to struggle with people when you need them the most! For instance, 24 hour roadside assistance can be extremely useful and can go a very long way in helping you enjoy peace of mind when you are a car owner.

Payment plans

Quite a few auto protection dealers also offer easy to qualify payment plans supported by assurances and guarantees of the lowest price and even money back as well. As always, it is useful for you to get into details with regard to payment plans. If some aspects are unclear to you, then do not hesitate in the asking the dealer or the representative to spell it out for you. After all, you would not want to be stuck with surprises of the financial kind!

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New Toyota RAV4 is Ready!

 Toyota RAV4

The RAV4 brand is one of the oldest and most influential ones for the crossover market. It was produced by Toyota and started sales way back in 1995 and immediately earned good reviews acclaims and praise. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the brand so with its production of the current 2015 model Toyota wanted to present that this brand is still going on strong. The 2015 model marked the start for the new generation of RAV4 cars, while its current model builds upon that and adds an added updated look, but the best thing is yet to come with the announcement of the release of the Toyota RAV4 for 2016. You can read the exact specs and release details about the car here

New Toyota RAV4

What was the case with the previous and past vehicles needed to be updated and a lot of issues were supposed to be addressed. The car was already a successful one in the crossover segment so things needed to be done in order to preserve the brand. Sure it was nice riding on the popularity of the car while it lasted but it was certain that it was going to end soon and real things needed to be done. The perfect way to do this was to enhance and remodel the car for its new generation vehicle. This was the purpose of the 2014 model which received many updates to it and was presented as a new car by Toyota in the RAV4 lineup and a vehicle that was supposed to bring back the interest of the fans to this model. The car did as much as it could and provided some very nice specs and stats, even enhancing the performance. But still Toyota wanted more.

This is where the anniversary comes. Exactly 20 years after the release of the original RAV4 car Toyota decided to make certain innovations and bring back the brand once more. They have managed to do much better this time. With the knowledge of where they were mistaken at first and having an already decent car in their hands with the 2014 their work was already cut out for them. This meant updating the vehicle in the sports where in was necessary and make the fans happy this way. The updated for the 2015 was not a complete overhaul of the vehicle but a slight remodeling. It was released specially for the anniversary and it managed to play a big part in returning the fame to the RAV4 brand it has stated to loose. People were happy and Toyota was happy but the best was yet to come.

The 2016 model of the acclaimed RAV4 vehicle will be sold pretty soon. The release has been announced and the car will be offered pretty soon. With an updated safety system and enough interior spacing and luxury the car will make its biggest comeback. As people thought that the RAV4 cannot get any better it happened that it actually can and as the final piece of Toyota’s puzzle and design is being pieced pretty soon. Those who like small crossover utility cars will appreciate the added changes. Despite being few they are done in all the right places in order to enhance the performance and make the usefulness levels of the car even greater. The focus is to make the car a contemporary one and make it go with the times and that is what the cabin provides being equipped with all the latest gadgets and inclusions which the makers of the first RAV4 vehicle could only dream about.

The 2016 also marks the year when the RAV4 is going to enter in the hybrid market as well. As Toyota has decided to make hybrid powertrains available for the majority of its high selling pieces and already having 7 of its 13 released models for the 2016 year available with a hybrid powertrain, it is only sane that the RAV4 was bound to get one of its own. This is great as Toyota will venture in an untouched market of the small crossover vehicles with a hybrid powertrain that the people who are looking for some fuel economy will appreciate the most. The car already has some good fuel specs but with the addition of the Hybrid engine matted inside the car this numbers are going to be even better. Making the car even more fuel efficient is one thing that was the plan of Toyota and the second one was to pioneer a hybrid engine option within the small crossover vehicle segment.

Keyless Ignitions: How Dangerous Are These Car Gadgets?

Keyless ignitions communicate with car gadgets called electronic fobs to unlock the doors of a car and enable the startup of its engine with but a simple push of a button. This line of car tech thus makes it a lot more convenient to start up a car since you don’t have to fish your keys out of your pocket to do stuff.Keyless ignitions communicate

The problem, however, is that major questions are starting pop up about their safety and whether these useful gadgets pose a risk serious enough to warrant a long, hard look at their design:

Vulnerable Electronic Fobs

This is where the most frightening weaknesses of these car gadgets. First off, thieves can just break into a car and program a new security key using a hacked OBD (onboard diagnostic) scanner.These car accessories are designed to scan for problems afflicting your car’s inner workings, but the hacked versions target the car’s computer and give access to the crooks to fiddle around with its default settings.This is similar in appearance to the hotwiring we often see in movies, although this requires specialized gadgets for the car in question instead of simply opening up the dash and sticking a few wires together.

Then there is the use of scanner boxes to electronically unlock the doors. These gadgets for car theft send an electronic signal to unlock a car’s doors in secondswithout triggering the alarm system. It won’t allow them to turn on the car’s engines, but it will give them access to your car’s interior to steal stuff or lie in wait – all without any visible sign of forced entry.

Then there’s a report that at least one car manufacturer, Volkswagen, suppressed information about the inherent vulnerabilities in a car’s electronic fob. The fobs for wireless ignition use a transponder that a paired car will ‘identify’ as its own unique match. Without the transponder inside the fob, the car will refuse to start up – or at least it should if things worked according to plan. Three researchers, however, have discovered a weakness in the electronic security features of these fobs. They were able to start the car in under half an hour – a fact which Volkswagen didn’t want to be made public knowledge at the time.

Motors Refusing to Cut Off

In another case, more and more people are dying from carbon monoxide poisoning as their cars continued to run even when they thought the engines were turned off. These deaths have reached the point where class action lawsuits have been filed against major automobile manufacturers.

Many of the newer cars use car interior gadgets that automatically cut off when the fob leaves the car, while others emit a loud noise to alert the driver of the situation. The problem is, older models don’t automatically cut off when their paired car gadgets are brought out of the car. The noises and chimes emitted by other vehicles when their fobs leave their vicinity are sometimes so weak that the sound of an idling engine is enough to muffle the alert. On the other hand, modern engines are sometimes so quiet that some people don’t even know that they’ve left the engines running.

If the car’s engine keeps on running inside a tightly-sealed garage, the carbon monoxide fumes will eventually build up to fatal levels if left unchecked.

The Fate of Wireless Ignition Engines

It is very unlikely that cars using wireless ignition systems will be outright banned from the market. Additional safety measures are being proposed, like mandatory automatic cut-off systemswhich turn offcar engines after a period of idling or enhanced electronic encryption to prevent tech-savvy crooks from bypassing the electronic security measures.

However, owners of cars that use wireless or keyless ignition systems need to be vigilant. Other car gadgets could help enhance security and awareness of the car’s condition, but simply being aware of the risks involved could help prepare car owners should the worst happen.

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New BMW M5 is Ready!

The BMW M5 series is one of the most stylish super saloons on the motor market up to date since its first release in the early 1980s. With its main competition being the likes of the Jaguar XFR, the Vauxhall VXR8 GTS, Alphina B3 Biturbo just to mention a few, the BMW M5 still remains outstanding when it comes to performance and style.

This is more evident in the new 2016 BMW M5. The 2016 BMW M5 has got car fanatics anxiously waiting for its release into the market with some car critics giving it a five star rating saying that it has impressive performance and ultimate luxury.

2016 BMW M5

2016 BMW M5

The car comes with new unique upgrades and a new competition package from the previous version as we shall see. Below is an in-depth review of this sweet car with all its specifications and price range.

2016 BMW M5 Exterior Changes

As you can see on the images from The 2016 BMW M5’s exterior has been sleekly designed to give it an aggressive sporty look while at the same time giving it the dynamic blend in design and performance. The exterior comes with upgrades on the grille and the LED lights to give it a more futuristic appearance.

2016 BMW M5 front

2016 BMW M5 front

This car is a five door sedan that comes with the usual quad exhaust tailpipes. It comes with a tie pressure monitoring system with the standard tires being 19.0” in diameter and a width of 295mm fitted into silver forged aluminum rims with 4-wheel ABS brakes. The car also comes with power remote driver mirror adjustment.

2016 BMW M5 back

2016 BMW M5 back

The car is also fitted with rear defoggers and a very well designed sunroof. It also comes with adaptive headlights and cornering lights all designed to give it a stunning and competitive look. The standard specifications are 193.5”x74.4”x57.3’ (length by width by height).

2016 BMW M5 Interior Photos

The interior was not left out. It also spots a few impressive upgrades. The 2016 BMW co0mes with an automatic front air conditioning and a controlled rear air conditioning system. It is also fitted with fancy devices like a single in-dash CD audio system with radio and mp3 support. It is also fitted with cruise control features and a tilt and telescopic, speed proportional power steering.

2016 BMW M5 interior

2016 BMW M5 interior

The interior cabin is very spacious to meet the luxury it’s associated with. There is enough head and leg space in both the front and rear seats. The driver seat comes with multi-level heating and a power adjustment option. It’s also fitted with power windows.

The 2016 BMW M5’s interior capacity is 5 passengers with the seats upholstered in leather. That’s not all, it also comes with child safety features like manual child safety locks. On telematics and security, the car comes with a voice activated navigation system and an anti-theft alarm system

Engine specs – 2016 BMW M5

The base option is fitted with a 4.4ltr V8 engine that yields up to 560hp at 6000RPM. The engine offers more performance with more fuel efficiency compared to the previous V10 engine that was in the previous version. This new push button to start engine has a 10:1 compression ratio has an MPG of 14 for city and 20 for highway. The engine yields 500lbs-ft at 1500RPM of torque. It also has a 7 speed automatic transmission with auto-shift.  The engine delivers an impressive 0-60MPH at a record 4.3 seconds.

The engine is a rear wheel drive with a double wishbone front suspension and a multilink rear suspension. So in as much as the engine lost its raw intensity after the switch from the V10 to the V8, the performance and dynamics of this super saloon haven’t been adversely affected, on the contrary, the performance has improved and the car is now more fuel effective that ever.

The 2016 BMW M5 comes with stability and traction control, features that only come in high-end cars.

2016 BMW M5 – Price & Release Date

The 2016 BMW M5, which only comes in one trim has very appealing price compared to its rivals. Its MSRP currently stands at USD $94,100 for the base option with a basic warranty of 48 months or 50,000 miles. The release date is yet unclear but sources say that the car could hit the motor market by July, 2016.