New Toyota RAV4 is Ready!

 Toyota RAV4

The RAV4 brand is one of the oldest and most influential ones for the crossover market. It was produced by Toyota and started sales way back in 1995 and immediately earned good reviews acclaims and praise. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the brand so with its production of the current 2015 model Toyota wanted to present that this brand is still going on strong. The 2015 model marked the start for the new generation of RAV4 cars, while its current model builds upon that and adds an added updated look, but the best thing is yet to come with the announcement of the release of the Toyota RAV4 for 2016. You can read the exact specs and release details about the car here

New Toyota RAV4

What was the case with the previous and past vehicles needed to be updated and a lot of issues were supposed to be addressed. The car was already a successful one in the crossover segment so things needed to be done in order to preserve the brand. Sure it was nice riding on the popularity of the car while it lasted but it was certain that it was going to end soon and real things needed to be done. The perfect way to do this was to enhance and remodel the car for its new generation vehicle. This was the purpose of the 2014 model which received many updates to it and was presented as a new car by Toyota in the RAV4 lineup and a vehicle that was supposed to bring back the interest of the fans to this model. The car did as much as it could and provided some very nice specs and stats, even enhancing the performance. But still Toyota wanted more.

This is where the anniversary comes. Exactly 20 years after the release of the original RAV4 car Toyota decided to make certain innovations and bring back the brand once more. They have managed to do much better this time. With the knowledge of where they were mistaken at first and having an already decent car in their hands with the 2014 their work was already cut out for them. This meant updating the vehicle in the sports where in was necessary and make the fans happy this way. The updated for the 2015 was not a complete overhaul of the vehicle but a slight remodeling. It was released specially for the anniversary and it managed to play a big part in returning the fame to the RAV4 brand it has stated to loose. People were happy and Toyota was happy but the best was yet to come.

The 2016 model of the acclaimed RAV4 vehicle will be sold pretty soon. The release has been announced and the car will be offered pretty soon. With an updated safety system and enough interior spacing and luxury the car will make its biggest comeback. As people thought that the RAV4 cannot get any better it happened that it actually can and as the final piece of Toyota’s puzzle and design is being pieced pretty soon. Those who like small crossover utility cars will appreciate the added changes. Despite being few they are done in all the right places in order to enhance the performance and make the usefulness levels of the car even greater. The focus is to make the car a contemporary one and make it go with the times and that is what the cabin provides being equipped with all the latest gadgets and inclusions which the makers of the first RAV4 vehicle could only dream about.

The 2016 also marks the year when the RAV4 is going to enter in the hybrid market as well. As Toyota has decided to make hybrid powertrains available for the majority of its high selling pieces and already having 7 of its 13 released models for the 2016 year available with a hybrid powertrain, it is only sane that the RAV4 was bound to get one of its own. This is great as Toyota will venture in an untouched market of the small crossover vehicles with a hybrid powertrain that the people who are looking for some fuel economy will appreciate the most. The car already has some good fuel specs but with the addition of the Hybrid engine matted inside the car this numbers are going to be even better. Making the car even more fuel efficient is one thing that was the plan of Toyota and the second one was to pioneer a hybrid engine option within the small crossover vehicle segment.