How to Choose the Perfect Family Car

Perfect Family CarWell, today’s talk is going to pay attention to the family car opportunities you have, when on a hunt on the market. We know pretty well that you prefer that shiny new red monster with a powerful engine you just saw on a magazine’s cover or on the billboard, however having a family means that you have to bet on functionality and safety first. Which doesn’t mean, of course, that you have to settle on the typical family car that men pretty much hate, you still have amazing options with the extensive diversity on the market. However, here are the five main advices that we can give to anyone looking for a functional and convenient vehicle for the family trips, school visits, weekend shopping journeys and more.

When choosing a family car, Mobeo UK recommends you to be sure to look for:
Well, safety is on first place whenever and wherever you are thinking for you and your family. Forget “Fast and Furious”, these don’t get along with safety and comfort at all, although they may look very cool. After all, you are not Vin Diesel, right? Think of the cars you can easily control and that ensure secure and safe ride for your toddlers and family members. Go for a choice that ensures five star Euro NCAP rating, which is the maximum scoring on the European standard crash safety system for new cars and you will be surprised how much good choice you have. You can go further and research or ask the car dealer for the individual score of the vehicle of your choice in the child occupancy protection aspect, also, which is the best idea if you travel with toddlers and younger kids.

Convenient shape
Think tall and boxy! Well, this shape doesn’t sound very appealing and we haven’t seen a single tall and boxy Lamborghini or Ferrari, but you and your back can thank us later on, when installing a child car seats (poor Vin Diesel, installing a child car seat in a sporty coupe must be a lot of back pain and muscle aches!). Apart from that, this particular shape allows you to maximise the space and is very functional.

Number of seats
Well, more is more, as Winnie the Pooh would say, but you already know that, if you are a parent. Be prepared for the magic of the family trip, when family members magically doubles and car seats magically reduce their number! Think of all the times you are going to have a ride with your kids and their friends. Think of the equality of the dimensions to avoid arguments and think of flexibility – are the seats easy to tumble and fold, to move, is there a place for child car seat?

Needless to mention, you are going to need a lot of storage space. Especially with kids. And more especially with women! And even more especially for the weekend shopping spree!

While the above mentioned specifications are almost mandatory for every family vehicle, these ones are more like a bonus advice, however they can save you a lot of time and nerves – dark cabin materials are better choice and spills, stains and dirt are less visible. Also you can think about entertainment and multimedia such as tablets and DVD screens for the longer trips. A panoramic sunroof is another way to keep the passengers entertained while the interior of the car will appear more specious and bright.