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Best Convertible Cars

Everyone is tempted to buy a convertible during the summer. Just imagine the fresh air and the wind in your hair. There are some fantastic new car discounts available on convertibles, although the new Ferrari 488 Spider might still be a bit out of reach at over £200,000. However, there are other great choices for every budget.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider – from £59,500

Alfa Romeo has always been great at producing sexy, entertaining two-seater convertibles – the sort of car expressly designed to take in the Amalfi coast on a summer evening. The 4C has been an incredibly successful release from the Italian company after a few years in the doldrums, with modern features such as a carbon-fibre chassis and stunning good looks.

DS3 Cabriolet – from £13,295

The wonderfully affordable DS3 Cabriolet is a very chic budget choice with lots of customisation options. It’s a surprisingly fun drive and a very competent little car all round.

BMW Z4 – from £51,225

BMW’s sophisticated two-seater Z4 roadster comes with a practical folding hard top and a luxurious cabin. It’s less agile than your average BMW but has plenty of power and handsome looks.

Jaguar F-Type Convertible – from £51,225

An absolutely glorious-looking and sporty-sounding roadster, this is Jaguar at its best. The F-Type Convertible is quite a bit more expensive than the coupé original but boasts a silky-smooth drive, a cosseting cabin and magnificent build quality.

Audi A3 Cabriolet – from £26,125

A premium-quality convertible version of the A3 hatchback, the A3 Cabriolet’s cabin is extremely smart and spacious. It also seats four adults in comfort, which is unusual for a convertible.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet – from £26,125

Another good choice if you regularly need to carry four people, the E-Class is a stunning-looking summer convertible with the superior design and mechanical excellence you expect from Mercedes-Benz.

Audi TT Roadster – from £31,995

One of the most popular sporty roadsters on the market, the funky little TT comes with a great choice of economical but powerful engines and head-turning good looks. The Audi badge is also a fairly solid guarantee of quality.

BMW 2 Series Convertible – from £26,125

A pacey and refined compact convertible, the 2 Series is your typical solidly built and smartly designed BMW. Chopping the roof off only seems to increase its appeal.

Mazda MX-5 – from £18,495

This modern classic has recently been updated to celebrate its 25th birthday. Its clean design is accompanied by entertaining driving dynamics rather than flat-out speed, and it remains one of the best-selling sports convertibles in the world.

Porsche Boxster – from £39,553

The Boxster ticks almost every box: prestigious badge, punchy performance, satisfying grip and sleek styling. It’s the ultimate sports roadster.

How to Choose the Perfect Family Car

Perfect Family CarWell, today’s talk is going to pay attention to the family car opportunities you have, when on a hunt on the market. We know pretty well that you prefer that shiny new red monster with a powerful engine you just saw on a magazine’s cover or on the billboard, however having a family means that you have to bet on functionality and safety first. Which doesn’t mean, of course, that you have to settle on the typical family car that men pretty much hate, you still have amazing options with the extensive diversity on the market. However, here are the five main advices that we can give to anyone looking for a functional and convenient vehicle for the family trips, school visits, weekend shopping journeys and more.

When choosing a family car, Mobeo UK recommends you to be sure to look for:
Well, safety is on first place whenever and wherever you are thinking for you and your family. Forget “Fast and Furious”, these don’t get along with safety and comfort at all, although they may look very cool. After all, you are not Vin Diesel, right? Think of the cars you can easily control and that ensure secure and safe ride for your toddlers and family members. Go for a choice that ensures five star Euro NCAP rating, which is the maximum scoring on the European standard crash safety system for new cars and you will be surprised how much good choice you have. You can go further and research or ask the car dealer for the individual score of the vehicle of your choice in the child occupancy protection aspect, also, which is the best idea if you travel with toddlers and younger kids.

Convenient shape
Think tall and boxy! Well, this shape doesn’t sound very appealing and we haven’t seen a single tall and boxy Lamborghini or Ferrari, but you and your back can thank us later on, when installing a child car seats (poor Vin Diesel, installing a child car seat in a sporty coupe must be a lot of back pain and muscle aches!). Apart from that, this particular shape allows you to maximise the space and is very functional.

Number of seats
Well, more is more, as Winnie the Pooh would say, but you already know that, if you are a parent. Be prepared for the magic of the family trip, when family members magically doubles and car seats magically reduce their number! Think of all the times you are going to have a ride with your kids and their friends. Think of the equality of the dimensions to avoid arguments and think of flexibility – are the seats easy to tumble and fold, to move, is there a place for child car seat?

Needless to mention, you are going to need a lot of storage space. Especially with kids. And more especially with women! And even more especially for the weekend shopping spree!

While the above mentioned specifications are almost mandatory for every family vehicle, these ones are more like a bonus advice, however they can save you a lot of time and nerves – dark cabin materials are better choice and spills, stains and dirt are less visible. Also you can think about entertainment and multimedia such as tablets and DVD screens for the longer trips. A panoramic sunroof is another way to keep the passengers entertained while the interior of the car will appear more specious and bright.

Dual Lens Car DVR for Best Recording Result

Are you looking for a camera video recorder to accompany you having an enjoyable and safe car riding? Or, do you simply want to replace the old product with the new one because it’s so disappointing in the term of installation and everyday usage? You have come to the right place because, right now, we are going to review the Dual Lens Car DVR. This is a 2.7 inch, LCD-screen camera video recorder to be installed on your dashboard if you really are craving for best quality front and rear camera motion, as well as easy installation, application and maintenance.

Dual Lens Car DVR

Fortunately, the store offers you a special deal for these days if you are quick to add this item to your cart and make the purchase. From its original price on $85.26, you’ll save some amount of money to grab this one-of-a-kind for only $39.98 with free shipping fee. Brought to you by the brand DOME, this is a camera recorder for your car with dual lens advantageous feature compared to general dashboard cameras. You can rely on its high quality resolution of recording as the front camera will provide you videos of 1080P with 140-degree wide angle for the front camera, while the rear camera will be responsible for 480P with 120-degree wide angle videos. The videos will have standard PAL and NTSC video system, MOV video format and HDMI video output.

There are still more about the camera that makes itself very special like no others. You should know that it has motion detection, night vision, auto power, and microphone that have been prepared to make the camera the most satisfying one when it comes to a dashboard recording. With the external card you may buy later, you can save the videos of street lives that you really aim to have. In addition, with the 180mAh battery life that can be recharged through car charger and USB charging method, you can record and watch videos without being bothered with low capacity of a dashboard camera.

Not only being excelled in capturing moments through videos, you can count on it, too, if you are craving for images and sound files. The camera is also equipped with reliable 3.0 MP camera pixels to let you earn pictures in JPEG format. White Balance Mode is available in Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, and Fluorescent for you to choose from when you have to deal with particular different areas. On the other hand, the camera is also able to allow you recording sound files with built-in audio system. The setting is understandable in six language options: English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

car dvr

What we can sum up, we’ll be saying that it is the ultimate car accessory for you. We understand that you are looking for dash camera video recorder. Since you sure want one with special features, including the dual lens and wide angle, this one should be on top of your list. Check out this car-dvr along with other collection you may favor.

Auto Body Repair Tips That You Should Keep in Mind

Car accidents are an uncontrollable face of life. Every single day there are millions of drivers on the road that may be distracted by something as simple as phone calls, bad weather, and lack of sleep. Luckily some of these accidents are minor and nobody gets injured, but a minor accident can cause serious damage to your vehicle—especially the outside of the car in areas like doors and fenders.

It is important to go through your insurance to make sure your car gets repaired and back on the road. This article covers a few things you should know how to do in order to ensure that your car is properly fixed and ready to drive.

Choose the Right Body Shop

Your insurance company may actually give you a list of the shops that they work with, however you can usually choose who you want to do the work off of that list. Before having the job done by an insurance-recommended shop, consider doing some research on the business reviews of other available choices. Make sure that you read various auto body repair shops reviews and recommendations.

Visit potential auto body repair shops for yourself and look around. However, it is not a good idea to visit them when they are busy because you won’t have the full attention of the staff. Certifications are another important sign of whether a shop is qualified or not. Certifications show that the auto body repair shop is committed to continuous training of their staff on repair procedures. They also show that the shop has the information to perform complete, safe and quality repairs for satisfactory results.

Most countries require that an auto body repair shop gives you a written estimate. Make sure that you are given a chance to review their written estimate before the shop begins on the repair of your vehicle. When you go to pick your car, make sure that you check and compare any written estimates to your final bill. Different auto repair shops offer different estimates, so it is important to choose a reliable one.

Avoiding Bad Car Parts

When you take your car out for repair, you should ask about what replacement parts are going to be used on your car. While some body shops use new body parts, there are also those that prefer to use used parts. Used parts are known and made to perform just as well as original parts, but there is a chance that they are actually cheap imitations of inferior quality. Bad parts can actually corrode, rattle and ultimately diminish the value of your car.

Examine Your Vehicle’s Paint Job

Often, you see cars on the road that may have body panels in different colors. Make sure that you match your newly painted body panel to the rest of your car. When you go to pick up your car at the body shop, make sure to ask what panels are originals and which ones were painted. Step back approximately ten feet from the car and see if you can notice a difference in the color or shade. If there is a difference, then additional paint is necessary to get a better match.

Check Your Warning Lights

When you are involved in an accident there are a number of warning lights that may turn on in your dashboard. These lights may include the air bag light, low coolant light, check engine light and others. When you pick up your finished car in the repair shop, make sure that all of the problems that the vehicle may have been experiencing have been corrected and none of the lights are still on. If the lights are still on this could be a sign that your vehicle’s board computer may need to be reprogrammed or that certain electrical components need to be replaced.

Some auto body repairs might be quite expensive, so before filling the claim check you should check on the deductible of your auto insurance policy. If you choose to file a claim, then you have to pay the full deductible amount. Make sure you get an estimate from a qualified auto body shop before filing.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited has the best auto repair Columbia MO has to offer, where their expert staff can get your car back on the road in no time.

Professional Limo Service Abu Dhabi Residents can Afford

limo service Abu DhabiThere’s a notion that limousine services are reserved only for the elite. The truth is that when you need a limo for hire Dubai does have affordable options. Perhaps the best is The Limo Dubai. This is a company that takes the time to provide exceptional customer service and to deliver the ultimate limousine experience, at a price that you can afford.

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limo hire Dubai

For a girl’s night out on the town, there is an affordable limo hire Dubai ladies can count on. With a pink limousine, or a traditional one, they can hit the clubs and experience all the best of the area’s night life. This is a great way to go beyond the norm and really let loose.

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