Faster Transmission Repairs Are Needed by Families and Commuters

Faster Transmission Repairs Are Needed by Families and CommutersMost of us depend heavily on our vehicles and can’t do without them in the hot summer conditions that we often drive in. Especially families dropping off their kids and commuters with a long drive to work. Once your car is out of action with a transmission problem, life immediately get more difficult- whether you need to hire a replacement vehicle or ask friends and family for rides, it is important to get your vehicle back on the road and the transmission repaired as fast as possible.

A transmission problem can occur at any time, and be very unpredictable. Often a transmission may just need a minor service or fluid top-off, but sometimes a complete transmission overhaul is needed. That is where the trouble starts. Not just because of the cost of a major repair, but also because of how long transmission repairs take to complete. First of all removing an automatic transmission from most vehicles is a time-consuming job – auxiliary engine components need to be removed, hydraulic lines disconnected and electrical components also disconnected. Once access to the transmission is achieved, it needs to be unbolted from the engine and lifted away from the vehicle usually with an overhead pulley and chains.

An automatic transmission rebuild is a labor-intensive job, which needs a highly skilled specialist technician. Once out of the vehicle, the transmission is moved to an area where the specialist can disassemble and diagnose the fault. Often these specialists are busy on other transmissions, so there is often a long wait even before work is started. Once diagnosed, the special parts needed have to be ordered, together with a new seal kit for the specific model. As long as the parts store has the specific part in stock, they can usually deliver the same day, but there are so many different parts and components inside a complex transmission, often the parts are not sitting on a shelf and have to be ordered from further away. As you would expect, sometimes a transmission rebuild can be a long process, which is why some forward thinking companies have a stock of rebuilt transmissions ready to install immediately. The faster your vehicle is repaired, the faster you can get back to your regular life.