Points To Note When Buying A Used Car

lotsampleMany people nowadays more open to the idea of getting a pre-owned car because it allows them to make the most use of their hard-earned personal savings. The price spread between new and second-hand vehicles is widening. These days, it is common to find used cars under 5000 USD, even used cars under 1000 USD. True, searching for the best used cars under 5000 USD is not the easiest of tasks, but the savings you enjoy if you get one pays off for all the effort you put in.

Among the best ways to find information about used cars under 5000 USD would be in the internet. You can buy these pre-owned used cars under 5000 USD from private parties, dealerships, and from car makers that have a certification program for pre-owned vehicles. The best used cars under 5000 USD are in most cases found at auctions. There are some auction houses that have put up websites, and they hold an extensive catalog when selling these cars.

Getting second-hand cars under 5,000 USD does have its inherent risks though, more so with those used cars under 1000 USD. Reports of car buyers getting lemons, cut-and-shut, flooded, accident-damaged, or stolen vehicles that had their number plates replaced, are unfortunately not unheard of.

Hence, you should exercise vigilance whenever you intend to buy a used car. One of them would be to inspect the vehicle yourself with the use of an assessment checklist, which you may get from the Internet or car magazines. Never view a car in the rain, in poor light or at night. If you’re going to purchase one from a private seller, do not agree to view the car at a rest stop, or at a petrol station. Never agree to a meet-up in a service station or a pull-off. It’s recommended that its better you have a qualified mechanic check the car you intend to get to help you arrive at an informed decision. Besides, take the car for a spin. Some people make the mistake of just test driving a car on the freeway where there is no traffic congestion. Aside from ascertaining how it performs in day-to-day stop-and-go traffic, you would also want to see how it fares if taken uphill or on major thoroughfares.

Also, it is imperative that you know the car’s history. This will include requesting for the cars servicing records from either the current owner or the dealer of the car. You have to find if the car had been damaged in a flood or even involved in a collision. Moreover, make sure you check if the dealership or the individual who is selling the used car to you sells it at a fair price.

Finally, there are only two ways you can pay for your used car, and that is by paying cash or through credit. In the long-run, the latter would cost you more as you will have to pay for the cost of credit. Either way, factor in insurance, tax, and any work that is needed so to make the right choice.