Dead Fuel Cards – 3 Things to Do if Your Card Dies

Dead fuel cards are those fuel cards that suddenly stop working. Apart from causing severe embarrassment to the fuel card user, especially the lorry and truck drivers, a dead fuel card has the potential to cause major disruptions in a business’s fuel cycle. However, it is clear, that dead fuel cards are a reality that one cannot ignore.

your fuel card

What would you do if your fuel card suddenly stops working? Well, there should be a standard operating process within your company that will ensure that you follow all the steps enshrined in that SOP. For those businesses that do not have any established SOP, I will list a couple of simple steps that would help alleviate some of the hassles involved with a dead fuel card.

The first and the most important thing to do when you come across a dead fuel card is to pay up for your fuel using alternate means such as through a credit card. Most fleet drivers will encounter a dead fuel card when they are trying to pay for a drawing already exercised. So, paying for the fuel using alternate means would be a good starting point.

Once the fuel cost has been paid, you will need to contact the fuel card supplier to let them know that the card has become faulty. Doing so ensures that the fuel card supplier will cancel the current card and initiate process for a replacement card. Normally, you would get the replacement card within 3-4 weeks.

Finally, you still need to tear out the faulty fuel card into 4 pieces so that it may not be exploited by anyone in the future. Damaging your fuel card is a sure step towards peace and safety. Do make sure that the card is physically destroyed.

That’s it folks. A dead card is not really bad, if you follow these simple steps. Be sure that a dead fuel card is really dead and not a case of you failing to swipe the card correctly.