America’s Most Isolated Roads

America’s Most Isolated RoadsFor some people, the challenges presented by the long, open road (disturbed only by a solitary road marking or two) can prove to be a nice escape from the usual crowded roads that they have to navigate on the way to work every day. It may look deserted and lonely, but there is quite a bit of comfort to be derived from being the only driver along a long strip of road for miles and miles.

The United States, in particular, is one country where road trips seem to be a rite of passage and the resulting routes usually involve a drive down at least one isolated road.

If you happen to be among those who are about to embark on their first road trip and you would like to get a feel of an isolated road for yourself, the following are just a few of the ones you can find across the US:

  1. Nevada’s Route 50. This route has the dubious honor of being the “loneliest road” in the US, and for good reason. This transcontinental highway features a seemingly endless stretch of asphalt winding between deserted desert valleys. It looks like something straight out of a dystopian novel, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble navigating, thanks to the presence of many a road marking painted on in anti slip paint. Service stations are few and far between along this highway, however, so be sure to bring along your own supplies (e.g., extra fuel, bottled water, antifreeze, etc.).
  2. Pennsylvania’s Route 61. If you have an appetite for danger, this is the isolated route for you. This old Centralia road is not only isolated, but it’s also downright hazardous. Because of a raging coalmine fire that’s still blazing underneath the Centralia area, this road was basically abandoned and the forces of nature have started overtaking it. You can still find the odd road marking on the cracked asphalt, but the anti slip paint has pretty much faded, and the constant threat of toxic gases and shaky ground makes it a highly dangerous road to pass through. That hasn’t stopped the nervier drivers from taking up the challenge of making it past this stretch of road, however.
  3. Hawaii’s South Point Road. The sunny state of Hawaii is not only renowned for its breathtaking beaches, but also for its picturesque, winding roads. The South Point Road is by turns renowned and notorious since it is both beautiful and isolated. The 19 km-long road is a narrow road that is situated between the open country and quite a few white windmills. There’s a spectacular cliff side view of the Pacific Ocean’s sparkling blue waters at the end of this road, but few drivers take it, so you may just find yourself enthralled and slightly spooked by the South Point Road’s solitary beauty.
  4. Alaska’s Dalton Highway. Originally built as a supply road for the nearby Trans-Atlanta Pipeline, this highway measures an ominous 666 kilometers and traverses an isolated yet beautiful path through which some 18-wheeler trucks and a few civilian drivers ply regularly. As with other isolated roads, it’s better to bring your own supplies if you pass through here as there are only three small villages that are kilometers apart along the Dalton Highway.