Get Your Dog Walking / Cat Sitting Business Up Off the Ground

You’re one of the people who posts a hundred pictures of your cat to the internet every day and likes a thousand pictures of other peoples pets posted to the internet every day. This does not make you a bad person or even a crazy person. This makes you a pet lover, and that’s okay! But have you ever thought of turning your love of pets into a business and a money maker? I bet you have! There are ways of going about this outside of becoming a veterinarian. Here are some good ways to get that dog walking and cat sitting business of the ground!

Of course, the first thing you need is dogs and cats to care for. Start with your immediate group of friends and family. Seek out folks who travel and you know they spend money on housing their dogs and cats at doggy and kitty hotels. Tell them you can walk them twice daily or even have them live with you, if the animals are okay with that type of thing . Once you get some clients from your circle of friends, the word of mouth will begin to spread, they will know your services exist so when someone at works laments not knowing of anyone to walk Snuggles, your fiends will say they know someone perfect for the job. Boom – business goes boom.

Also the way to maximize your profits in the dog walking arena is to be able to take many dogs at the same time to the park. You might have to rent a van at first from to get all the dogs in there, but if you do this over and over, you’ll soon be able to buy your own larger capacity vehicle. If you take a few dogs on a long hike at $40 per hike, that could get up to $200 for just a few hours of work. Now add another 5 or 6 dogs, and you’re talking serious money, and lots of doggy time with a bunch of new four-legged best friends. Vans aren’t even that expensive to rent at

You’ll also want to find a back up, someone who can walk your dogs when you are either sick or need to be out of town. Ideally this is someone who also does a lot of freelance and has a flexible schedule. This way, you do not have to cancel with owners who will start to resent that if you do it too often. You can never cancel on them, and they will love how reliable you and your back up are. This will help encourage them to recommend you as a dog walker or cat sitter. Who knows, maybe you’ll get enough clients that you can hire a full time underling, or underlings, and start making a ton of real actual money. Wouldn’t that just be the dream come true? Start small but allow it to grow.